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Jan 21, 2007 01:09 AM

A so so meal at Brents.....

I'm a big advocate as some of you might know however, hubby and I just came from there and I was quite dissapointed. Onions burnt, omelette overcooked, and bacon side was a little funky. Hubbys burger seemed a bit overdone but, when a man's hungry,...a man's hungry...Won't stir my desires too much but, I think I've now come to know the dark side of Brent's. - Maybe it was just a burp..

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  1. Kitchen Queen, did you say something to the server? I speak up because it's my favorite all around restaurant and I want them to be on top all the time. I was there last Sunday and had the short ribs and my wife had a patty melt. Both were so good I can't wait for my next day off to go back.

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      I am a regular there too. This time things went a bit funky. I had the server make new bacon but, frankly I was not interested in making a fuss. I did enjoy the bagel chips as always. One bad day among a 100 good ones is not bad odds.

    2. We were there last Tuesday and had two of the great sandwiches: the black pastrami reuben and the best patty melt I've ever tried. However, the two story carrot cake in the generic display carousel was inedible. I will say though that for our only second visit there was once again an almost off putting sloppiness bordering on the indifferent that perhaps spilled over to the kitchen in your case.

      On our first visit one of the entrees didn't arrive and you could see the nice waitress realize that she had forgotten it and then claimed that she had told the kitchen to remake it because it didn't look good. Okay. This time our beverages arrived after our food and after asking two more times, the heavy mid day vacuuming (there are quiet floor dusters that most carpeted restaurants use), and the four chatting at the cashier desk while we stood their waiting to pay the check (No they weren't taking phone orders.) None of this might not matter if they had those classic larger than life deli personalities but I fear those days are gone. Great bagel chips and pickles, though, and the place was packed.

      1. I wasn't amazed by my recent visit there, either. I was especially dismayed at how our server brought the check before we'd finished chewing our dinner. I guess she decided for me I didn't need dessert

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