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Jan 21, 2007 12:46 AM

Looking For Wine Shops Around The Hartford Springfield Area

New to the Hartford, Springfield area and looking for some good wine shops. I like the boutiquey types, not big box shops. Will travel for good juice. Thanks Hounds

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  1. West Side Wine & Spirits in West Hartford is perfect. Corner of Farmington Ave. and Raymond Road, near town center. Saturdays, free tastings 2-6 p.m. Friendly people.

    1. The Shelburne Falls Wine Merchant is a lovely wine shop in the village of Shelburne Falls, MA. Its in the building that houses McCuskers Market. The owner is French and really knows his stuff. Bought a bottle of Silver Oak (Alexander) 2001 for $48. Silver Oak (Napa 2000) for $79. Paul Hobbs Hyde Vineyard Pinot Noir for $49.
      Also, Table and Vine in Northampton has an excellent selection and knowledgable staff. Very strong French, Italian, California Chard and Cab. Weak for some reason with Oregon and Washington, Portugal and Spain.

      1. You should go to Yankee Spirits in Sturbridge, MA I go straight to Joe and he always steers us in the right direction Champagne, Desserts & Wine. He knows his stuff. While your there you can try one of the areas restaurants. If your casual, TJ Obriens - Great Burgers -pub style atmosphere, Thai Cuisine - is very clean and above average food - try the soups they are huge and inexpensive. They also have a liquor liscence. If your going at in the evening/night you should plan a trip to Vienna Restaurant over in Southbridge (3miles) Austrian & German Very upscale - "Wunderbar" with attentive staff. I would ask for the "Cove" if you like some romance. It's secluded and very romantic. Can you say Jaegerschnitzel? They make the best. If you've already spent too much at the Liquor store there is always... Pizza - check Enrico's Brick Oven They have great salads too.

        Good Eats & Good Drinking!

        1. Spiritus in Hartford.