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Jan 21, 2007 12:17 AM

Who has the best steamed dumplings in town?

I love dumplings. My current goal is to track down the best in town. Not those wimpy little dim sum dumplings - which are tasty but if I'm in a restaurant I don't want the frozen ones I could make myself. I'm searching for the ones about the size of buns.

Any ideas? Suggestions? Should I just learn to make them myself?

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  1. sorry to sound like a broken record, but the most distinctive dumplings i've had in austin are the Zhong Dumplings at Asia Cafe. Quite yummy, and larger than average. Never seen dumplings the size of buns. Spoon some of the hot chile oil (dig into the muck at the bottom and utilize it contains the odd sichuan peppercorn). Don't think you'll be disappointed but, YMMV.

    --mr. sambamaster

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      I think those are boiled. Mighty good, indeed, though.

      1. re: Kent Wang

        Kent, You are correct I believe. I think those are boiled, then sauced in the serving dish...
        but hey, water is liquid steam, isn't it? so the cooking medium is slightly more dense than steam, it's H20 all the same! the flavors are still quite wonderful.

    2. do you mean steamed buns? i don't know of steamed dumplings that are the size of buns.

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        If you mean steamed buns, the ones at Tam's Deli and Cafe on Lamar near 183 are pretty good..they offer vegetarian ones which are also good.