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best brand mixer for at home artisan baker

i'm planning to get a mixer as a gift for my friend. Price range is $400+ It has to be good because he does a lot of breads. What's out there? GTA area. I considered e-bay but have only bought books on line.

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  1. I suggest that you first post your question on the Home Cooking board to get recommendations on a brand and model. Then you would come back to this board to find out where to look for them.

    Just off the top of my head, I would say that for $400, you should be able to get a KitchenAid Artisan. They are available at many places, including the Bay.

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      Oops, I meant the Cookware board instead of the Home Cooking board.

    2. I bought a Kitchen Aid Pro 6 model for $325 on Ebay.
      It was a "factory refurbished" model but I've been using it for a year and a half and never had an issue.

      1. Kitchen Aid, without question. Does everything you'll ever need, built to last. They're $260 (brand new and warrantied) right now at //www.cayneshousewares.com/
        It's the model I have and I love it.
        Don't be a sucker and buy one of the pretty-color ones at Williams-Sonoma or something. Spend the money on good ingredients instead.

        1. Do NOT get a Kitchen Aid. It is useless for "artisan" bread.

          He would be better off using some of the no-knead methods than ripping the gluten apart with a stand up mixer.

          There are good, small, spiral mixers, but you would have to find one on line (I did), Toronto has no retailers for them.

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            Can you explain what you mean, Cayuga? How does a stand mixer affect quality?

          2. That's funny.
            Kitchen Aid mixers that I have been using for the last 20 years have been outstanding for making breads of all kinds.
            I've never had any issue with tearing or "ripping the gluten apart".

            1. I have a Kitchen Aid Pro and use it for almost all my bread making. (I've had it for about 4 years.) I've never had an issue with tearing or "ripping the gluten apart" either.

              1. For Christ's sake don't buy KA from W-S unless you're comfy with giving money away. I'd call the KA/Whirlpool HQ on Matheson in Mississauga ask what they're selling in their showroom. Stand mixers are often discounted there even when they're not on "sale." Costco usually has at least one KA stand mixer model--invariably white but the price is right.

                1. I also recommend the Kitchen Aid - (i love it!!!) do NOT buy the entry level Kitchen Aid - it will not have enough power... also - make sure the bowl is large enough - just in case yr friend makes several loaves at a time (i only make one loaf at a time...)

                  1. My friend who is a maniac artisan bread baker who has taken lots of classes and only buys the best has an Electrolux mixer for bread making. I don't know the model number--they may abe a tad more than $400.