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Jan 21, 2007 12:15 AM

Best Chinese in San Gabriel/Monterey Park Area

This is short notice but here it goes. I live in SD but I'm LA for the day. I'm looking for the best...

1) Dim Sum (more along the lines of Vancouver type Dim Sum, traditional with a flair)
2) Siao Bing, Yu-Tao, with soybean milk (someplace that makes the yu-tao as you order or they're so busy, they're always fresh)
3) Shio lung biao (Soup Dumplings, just look for the best)
4) Peking Duck (Somewhere good and traditional 3 course)

That's it. Thank you for the help

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  1. 1) Sea Harbour, Triumphal Palace, New Concept all fit your bill. I like Triumphal the best.

    2) Yung Ho in San Gabriel

    3) Everyone's favorite is Din Tai Fung in Arcadia, but Mei Long Village has a more substantial version of xiao long bao. Din Tai Fung is more delicate and refined.

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    1. re: kiwonyoon

      2) Yung Ho was pretty terrible for sao bing yo tiao last time I was there. The sao bing was chewy and hard like it'd been out for ages, and the braised beef inside it was almost as hard as jerky. Needless to say, the cilantro was also wilted. So bad I threw most of it away. Didn't order yo tiao because I noticed a stack of them sitting untouched in a back corner of the cooking area. I don't like everything at Yi Mei, but it was way better than Yung Ho the last two times I went. Best breakfast by far is Four Seas in Hacienda Heights.

      1. re: Pei

        Wow that sounds bad. I've had good experiences there, but I don't go there enough (maybe a couple times a year) to know how consistent it is day to day...

        1. re: Pei

          It's not the cleanest place, consistent with most hole in the wall Chinese food. However, the yuo tiao is excellent and freshly fried, crisp on outside and fluffy on the inside. On top of that, they have lines going out of that place from 10:00 to like 2:00 every day. I like it a lot, but I never have the shao bing either.

      2. 2) Yung Ho in San Gabriel on Valley Blvd.

        3) Din Tai Fung in Arcadia on Baldwin (pricy, but very thin skin and clean) or J & J Shanghai on Valley Blvd

        4) Lu Din Gee for roasted duck on Valley Blvd. Full House in Arcadia serves a 2 course version (without soup) for under $10 for the entire duck and they also have good Cantonese cuisine.

        1. 2) Shau May (Xiao Mei, 小美), Garfield and Garvey -- for breakfast only.

          3) Mei Long Village, J&J, or Green Village, all within blocks of each other on Valley Blvd.

          1. If you go to Din Tai Fung, you need to go there early, as they are always busy. The wait time can be up to an hour on weekends.