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Great Sandwiches in OC

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I'm throwing a small party for my 1 year old and being the foodie that I am my guests will expect great food. I having the get together at a local park and was planning on doing some sort of sandwich tray with a fruit and/or pasta salad. Can anyone recommend a caterer or a sandwich shop that does platters in the Long Beach/Seal Beach/Huntington Beach area? I checked out Gelsons and Bristol Farms, are there any other suggestions?


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  1. For not your typical sandwich platter you should consider Tortas. I went to a party that was catered by Taco Mesa. They had a platters of many different types of these mexican sandwiches. Way better then your typical Togos sandwich.

    1. Mattern's Deli in Orange. They have great sandwiches and low prices. Try the Rueben or the poor boy.

        1. I also dig Hollinghead's. The owners are laid back and friendly and they've got a Green Bay meets Germany vibe going. I love their ever changing selection of rare beers on tap as well as the ales in their market.

          I also recently discovered a place in Westminster (Little Saigon) called Top Baguette. It's on Bolsa near Brookhurst. They might make the best Vietnamese/French style sanwiches in California. I recommend the lemon grass BBQ beef or the BBQ pork. Good, cheap stuff. They also sell the baguettes for about a buck. You can't beat the quality for the price.

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            I recently had one bad experience at Top Baguette. The bread was horrible, like they bought it at the Ralph's that day. Don't know if the baker was sick, or something more drastic, but I need a revisit soon.

            If there's a downhill alert, I'll be the first to let you know, which bums me hard. I was the first to sing the praises of this place, and I'll be the first to put the old horse to pasture if its time has passed.

          2. Guiliano's Italian deli make a great meatball sub, in Westminster I believe.

            1. Hands down the best vietnamese sandwich shop is Lee's .... they're open late, too. if you're adventurous try the sardine sandwich. They sautee them in a sort of marinara sauce, delicious.


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                Lee's is just ok, IMO. For banh mi, I like Banh Mi Che Cali, several locations in Little Saigon. They don't have the gringo sandwiches like Lee's does, just the Vietnamese style.

              2. I used to go to Lee's religiously until my Vietnamese co-worker recommended Top Baguette. I've only been there a few times and I haven't had a poor experience yet. The reason I've grown fond of Top Baguette (as opposed to Lee's and numerous other Vietnamese sandwich shops/bakeries) is because (in my opinion) the bread is tastier and they always give me more meat and they seem to use cilantro leaves as opposed to the leaves and stems that most places utilize. Also, to my knowledge, Lee's doesn't have the savory lemon grass BBQ beef sandwich on their menu.

                It worries me that Professor Salt had a bad experience (at Top Baguette). I was hoping for consistency with regard to quality. I'll definitely keep it in mind for future visits.

                The sardine sandwich at Lee's isn't exactly bad but I question the quality of their canned variety. If I'm going to go with canned sardines, I prefer Italian.