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Your Favorite Rice Dish

Although I love Biriani, Paella, Risotto and others, I have to say that Jollof Rice is my personal favorite. Ingredients include chicken, ham, curry, ginger, cinnamon, chilies, tomatoes, peas, string beans, ahhh. It is truly my favorite. What's yours?

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  1. I like fried rice half white rice and half brown,with Char siu,Kim Chee,peas,carrots,and garlic fried in Olive Oil.And topped with a little Soy Sauce.

    1. Rice pudding... baked.

      Grandma's recipe (nutmeg, with raisins).

      1. I have a few.

        My mom's aromatic basmati rice, with cardamom, cumin and pistachios.

        Persian rice (with the crust on the bottom).

        My dad's risotto croquettes.

        Omu rice (with brown rice).

        Veggie sushi.

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          I was just thinking the other day about a Persian rice a college roommate used to make, with a layer of potatoes on the bottom that get burnt and form a crust. I never got the recipe and it's one of the major regrets in my life. Internet searches didn't turn anything up. Do you have a recipe?

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            Iranian rice is fantastic and fragrant and total comfort food for me. My favorite is tahcheen, an eggy yogurty saffron-rich brick that can be served plain, or with tangy barberries, or shredded chicken. Second favorite is with a fried lavash bread crust, third plain rice, and last potato.

            Here's an old thread in which I decribe the process (in my old-board freddie incarnation): http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/... . If you have other questions, start a new thread on the Home Cooking Board (where recipe requests and the like are supposed to go).

            The potato's supposed to be fried and crisp, but not burnt. Unfortunately, in an attempt to avoid burnt rice, I err on the side of so little heat that my things don't get as crisp as they should. Oh well.

            1. re: rose water

              Thanks so much. I don't know how I missed this post. I'm making some tomorrow!

        2. turkey porridge comes to mind.

          1. I've always enjoyed the Chinese Yeung Chow style fried rice. It has chinese bbq pork (char siu), shrimp, green peas and egg.

            For breakfast I love the Filipino champorado. Think of it as rice pudding but not as thick and flavoured with chocolate topped with some carnation evaporated milk.

            1. Spanakorizo:
              1 lb spinach washed
              1 large handful of rice
              1 bunch spring onions chopped
              1 large bunch dill rough chopped
              1 tbls tomato paste

              in a large deep sided skillet saute green onions in lots of olive oil (1/2 inch up the side of pan), add spinach and cook until wilted, add the rice, stir in tom paste, add water to just cover, bring to boil, cover and simmer until rice is cooked and water is absorbed, add dill at last minute. serve with lots of lemon squeezed on top.

              When we have an appetite, I add a soft poached egg on top with lemon squeezed over the yolk. In Greek cooking, enormous, scandelous amounts of Olive oil is used, I am a huge convert to this style, as the oil has a way of softening foods. The point should be made that all the oil is not actually injested, and Greeks use this oil to sop up on their bread, the way Americans use butter.

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                This is one of my favorites too. In fact, I made a bunch on Monday, and have been eating it all week at work!

              2. If I knew how to make Pataya fried rice served in our favorite Thai restaurants, that might be my first choice. It has a nice fresh flavor and no need to be doused with the sweet sauce we use in Chinese restaurants on fried rice. I love rice pudding but haven't made any in a long, long time. We like Lundberg's brown rice mixtures to which we frequently add some frozen green peas. Our old standby Near East Rice Pilaf isn't served very often since we've tried to switch to brown rice. I like rice and beans with sausage/Cajun or creole style but it's not my husband's favorite. His favorite form of rice is turkey and rice soup.

                1. Risotto--any kind of risotto.

                  1. dolmas---rice-stuffed grape leaves.

                    1. My ex-wife learned to make pilaf from her Armenian grandma, and passed it along to me. It's obviously the original version of what's sold as Rice-A-Roni: brown fine crumbled vermicelli in butter with a dash of cayenne; when it browns, dump in the rice and fry and stir that until it's all parched white, then pour in chicken broth, cover and cook over low heat twenty minutes. Love it with chicken, pork or lamb, pretty good with fish as well.

                      1. I'm getting really attached to risotto now that I know how to make it (I was always afraid of it for some reason before--all credit goes to Mark Bittman's simple instructions). But my all time favorite I think is Song of India Rice from Diet for a Small Planet. Cooked brown rice stirred into sauteed apples, onions and curry powder with cashews and raisins. You serve it with yogurt on the side.

                        1. Timely question.

                          I just made a wonderful risotto with wild mushrooms. Bears game was basically over so i went into the kitchen to get the Skirt steak and risotto dinner ready. Since the steaks are pretty self-sufficient on the Barby, I was able to spend extra quality time with the risotto. I stirred that puppy for 22 minutes straight (except for the time I needed to put the straks on and then flip them). This was the first time it had my almost undivided attention. WHAT A DIFFERENCE. It was soooo creamy I decided not to add butter or cheese at the end, no need.

                          Served it and my DW looked at me and said "this is the best we've eaver had."

                          Conclusion - Pay close attention to the risotto and the difference will be noticed.

                          1. chicken and salted fish fried rice

                            nuomi fan (thats what my family calls it) but most people call it yo fan (oil rice) - its sticky rice with mushrooms, chinese sausage, dried shrimp

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                              mabziegurl-- you named my two favorites!

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                                we call it lo mai fan, i so love it. My gramps use to make it for a stuffing for Thanksgiving. So much better than any other stuffing ive had.

                                1. re: justagthing

                                  My family loves it too. We used to only make it at Thanksgiving but more often than that now. Also, no mai gai-- stuffed lotus leaves with the same rice

                                  1. re: dimsumgirl

                                    my mom also does lotus roots stuffed with the same rice as well. pretty crazy; and also a sweet version sometimes; hella intensive but delicious.

                                2. re: mabziegurl

                                  another vote for the chicken and salted fish fried rice


                                  the preserved meat trio (pork belly, duck and sausage) over rice with a fried egg

                                3. I don't know if it's going to be our favorite any time soon, but we were finally able to locate Bovril in LA and are eating a lot of butter and Bovril over rice.


                                  1. (1) Taiwanese "ba-tzang," or "zongzi" in Chinese. Sticky rice with lots of goodies inside - fatty pork, peanuts, eggs, shiitake mushroom - wrapped into a pyramid in a bamboo leaf and steamed. (2) Seafood risotto with lots of butter, white wine, shrimp, and scallops. (3) Unagi donburi (Japanese eel on rice).

                                    1. Around my house its called chilled Tex-mex rice salad. Many adaptations and add ins but the basic recipe:

                                      4 cups precooked white rice
                                      16 oz drained black beans
                                      1/2 cup chopped cilantro
                                      1 cup grilled corn
                                      1 red pepper, diced
                                      2 green onion, sliced thin
                                      1 Tblsp. Taco spice
                                      1/3 cup lime juice
                                      1/2 cup (of equal parts) oil/vinegar
                                      Salt/pepper to taste

                                      Toss and chill

                                      1. Persian rice - with dates and such.
                                        Chinese claypot rice with sweetened soy

                                        1. Hong Kong-styled baked rice casserole (with "Portugese chicken" or seafood and white sauce). It's gotta be fried rice, though.

                                            1. My mom's stuffed cabbage--an X-mas tradition. It's cabbage stuffed with a mixture of rice, pork, and beef.

                                              1. I definitely miss my aunt's om-rice... I know it's "originally" a Japanese creation, but I definitely love the Korean version better... It's basically fried rice, whatever you want in it, with a thin omelette on top of it. But when i was a kid, i'd love topping it off with some ketchup, while the rest of my family slathered on the go-chu-jang (fermented hot sauce mix) on top of it. It always brings back some good memories.

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                                                  I used to love omurice as a kid! The ketchup on top of the omelet was also a necessity. Mine had spam, peas, onion and potatoes. Did your rice also have ketchup in it?

                                                2. Chicken & Sausage Gumbo with rice
                                                  Red Beans and rice
                                                  Crawfish, or shrimp Etouffe over white rice
                                                  bbq pork fried rice

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                                                  1. re: swsidejim

                                                    I really like this one:

                                                    BEER RICE
                                                    1 onion chopped
                                                    1 cup sliced mushrooms
                                                    2 tbsp butter
                                                    1 cup rice
                                                    10 oz bouillion
                                                    1 cup beer
                                                    2 tbsp oil
                                                    4-5 drops tabasco
                                                    1/4 tsp thyme
                                                    1/2 tsp salt
                                                    1/4 tsp pepper
                                                    -->saute the veg's. . Add these and everything else to a casserole dish. Bake at 350 for 45 mins.

                                                    1. re: im_nomad

                                                      Is that raw rice? What kind? After it cooks, do you taste the beer?
                                                      (Sorry for all the ?'s.)

                                                      1. re: danhole

                                                        yes, raw rice....it absorbs the liquid as it cooks. Yes, you can taste the beer in with the other ingredients, but it's not overpowering.

                                                  2. A Dish My Mother used to make for me as a child for Lunch, is still made almost weekly many years later.

                                                    1 cup Basmati rice
                                                    1 can Consomme soup
                                                    1 can of water
                                                    Good splash of soy sauce (About 2 Tbl)
                                                    4 Tbl oil(Canola)

                                                    Brown the raw rice in a 2 qt saucepan , in the oil, over med-high heat. Brown carefully as not to burn. Stirring frequently. Rice should be totally toasted brown (Caramel color)
                                                    Let cool for about 10 minutes,
                                                    Add consomme and water and soy sauce. Partially cover with lid for approx 20 minutes til all the liquiid is absorbed


                                                    1. Hainan Chicken Rice.

                                                      1. I love Paella, Arroz con Pollo and Stuffed Cabbage. But my favorite rice is what my family (in the Dominican Republic) calls con con (not sure of the spelling). Its the part of the rice that sticks to the pot when white rice is cooked the Spanish way. I could eat that over any other kind of rice I know.

                                                        1. BACHELOR RICE DISHES (simple recipes)

                                                          1. I like to use a rice cooker and cook rice (kokuho of course) the typical way, but add in some salted/preserved meats, e.g. a chinese sausage, a strip of chinese preserved pork belly cut up, maybe a duck leg.

                                                          2. make your typical chinese fried rice but trust me, add a handful of small 1/2 inch cubes of meunster or swiss or any other typically hard cheese; it melts, but stays intact, and the parts that touch the pan when you make the fried rice and let it sit a bit to form a crust form deliciously hard cheese bits. so good.

                                                          3. ketchup rice is just day-old rice, cooked with minced garlic, minced scallions and a couple generous squirts of ketchup, tossed in the end with a couple raw eggs. delicious.

                                                          4. salty congee is easy too; leftover rice that you cook with cabbage, salt pork, maybe dried shrimps in chicken broth or some other leftover broth. or, throw in some par-cooked chicken leg quarters and you've got a feast.

                                                          1. Shrimp fried rice from Tu Lan in San Francisco.

                                                            1. Lao/NE Thai sticky rice, musubi with nori and ume, inari sushi.

                                                              1. 1) Maze Rice: (with salmon) & a healthy mix of rice with seasoned carrots, string beans, shiitake mushrooms and burdock

                                                                2) Chirashi

                                                                3) Fried Rice

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                                                                1. re: monalisawoman

                                                                  the maze rice sounds like macrobiotic food no? souen (west village, nyc) does a nice one.

                                                                  1. re: bigjeff

                                                                    yes! that's where i had it first. (Souen on prince & 6th) Now i make my own with leftover brown rice & vegetables.

                                                                2. although i love rice too much to name a favourite, in our family (and perhaps common to lots of asian families?) we eat what my 4 year old has dubbed "the good rice." hot rice, soy sauce, sesame oil and furikake and growing up a raw egg but now tofu all mashed together. total comfort food and a quick meal.

                                                                  1. I suspect this came to Argentina via Italian immigrants a long time ago. It's white rice cooked in chicken stock with a lot of green peas added and served at the table with grated Parmesan cheese that's passed around and spooned over. You can add saffron to the stock if you want.

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                                                                    1. re: Querencia

                                                                      That's called - Risi e Bisi. It's delicioso..
                                                                      My personal favorite is Chef Paul Prudhomme's baked rice from his Louisiana Kitchen cookbook. Or lobster risotto.

                                                                    2. Dirty Rice
                                                                      Red Beans & Rice
                                                                      Chicken, Pork, or BBQ Pork Fried Rice with lots of vegetables and egg
                                                                      Rice-a-Roni with slivered almonds mixed in
                                                                      Porcupine Meatballs (which I haven't had in a very long time but have a craving)
                                                                      Sweet rice

                                                                      1. Dol Sot Bi Bim Bop - The stone bowl version of Bi Bim Bop with crisp rice at the bottom of the bowl.
                                                                        Omu Rice (Yes with ketchup)
                                                                        Fried rice with over easy egg on top

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                                                                        1. re: hannaone

                                                                          mmmm... the burnt rice stuck to the bowl!!!!

                                                                        2. This year's company holiday party was catered by Wolfgang Puck Catering... and we had Lobster Fried Rice. Omigod, it's as amazing as it sound.

                                                                          I asked the Chef how he made it: Make lobster stock-reduction(lobster bodies, aromatics, sherry), at the end at heavy cream and reduce to consistency of pudding. With clarified butter saute shallots and garlic, add rice, fry to a sticky-cispy consistency; add dollop of lobster cream, lobster meat and row. Right before plating add fresh chopped cilantro.

                                                                          Buttery, lobster heaven rice is what it should be called.