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Jan 20, 2007 11:35 PM

Landing in Auckland early morning - what to eat in town?

Planning my upcoming trip to New Zealand in a couple of days - we will land in Auckland at 5:30am, which means we will maybe get in town 7am if we are lucky.

Have car - will travel - what to eat? Would appreciate suggestions on
- breakfast places (think French toast and bacon. Wait, they probably have the wrong kind of bacon there, and who knows if they have French toast!)
- dim sum places that open early
- Asian noodles or Asian food court places that open early - ramen, laksa...


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  1. Where are you staying? There are a lot of good places down at Viaduct Harbor and my favorite -- Soul Bar and Bistro -- even does breakfast. The ground floor cafe at Sky City also does good breakfast (avoid the pizzas later in the day), including a very decent British style one. Coffee in NZ is outstanding. As far as bacon, expect the very meaty British style back bacon rather than American style (streaky) bacon.

    I also once indulged in early morning sushi at a little sushi bar in the middle of the Auckland fish market.