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Crab Rangoons - Where are you?

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Does anyone know where to find good ( for me, that means not crispy) crab rangoon with more than a minuscule amount of filling? Thanks.

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  1. What do you mean, not crispy? They're fried. That being said, Changhai, a takeout place in Lexington, does great crab rangoon. There's at least a 1/4 cup of filling in each one.

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      I wondered that too...At any rate, they used to be good at a retro Polynesian place that used to be good, Peking Tom, but I know the latter has gone downhill--don't know if items like this have gone down with it.

    2. Lotus Blossom in Sudbury.

      1. I never order these myself, but taking my mother-in-law out for lunch recently at Mary Chung, she ordered them there, and I have to admit they were pretty tasty: fried crisply with admirably litttle grease, some actual crab flavor in that oh-so-Chinese cream cheese filling (probably just high-quality crab surimi, but still, you could taste it). An abomination, of course, but surprisingly not terrible.

        1. I had some at Foundation Lounge (Kenmore Square) a while back. I recall thinking they were good, but I've not tried many other crab rangoons in my life. This is a nice place or "fancy" drinks and decent nibbles, but not sure if it's what you're looking for.

          1. Mary Chungs in Central Square and Jade Garden in Arlington Heights have excellent rangoons. Its a toss-up which one is the best though

            1. I work near LTK and they have them. You can actually see and taste the crab if that's what you're looking for.....

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                It's not a real Crab Rangoon unless it uses fake crab...

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                  I've only tried the crab rangoons at LTK's once, but thought they were great. Crispy, to be sure.

                2. Chef Chang's in Brookline. Have to say, I, too, don't get the "not crispy" comment.


                  1. Maybe OP means the center isn't fried to death-so while the edges may have a bit of crispness, the part that's stuffed still has ternderness within. Who knows?

                    Anyway, such tasty little "abominations" can be found at Great Chow in Quincy.

                    1. golden temple in brookline and that pan-asian place on mass ave next to clio (can't recall the name) both have them and they're good. i'm pretty sure i had them at pf chang's too.

                      any kind of old-school chinese place will have them.

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                          yup. thanks. it was a sunday brain-cramp. :)

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                            Good call. The rangoons at Island Hopper are excellent.

                        2. Hands down, no question -- it's at Thai Moon in Arlington Center -- their crab rangoons are lightly fried and filled with generous amounts of crab stick, scallions, and fluffy cream cheese along with a unique curry flavor and amazing sweet-hot dipping sauce!

                          By the way, Jade Garden does have a strong standard version, and they are usually on the dinner buffet, so you can watch for fresh ones to be put out and have as many as you want! They are, however, a different league and food group from the ones at Thai Moon.

                          1. a not crispy CR? i don't know what that means either. not really a fan, in fact we call them Pus Pots.

                            1. I just had really good ones at Wisteria House yesterday. They must hate me there...a really earnest, authentic Taiwanese place right in my neighborhood and I'm always dropping by when I'm craving egg rolls, spare ribs, or some other chinese-americo-polynesian crapola. Oh well. One of these days I'll belly up for a proper Taiwanese meal.

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                                I've gotten Taiwanese specialties at Wisteria House as well as Chinese-American. They're one Chinese restaurant that seems to take the same care with both.

                                Maybe one of their Taiwanese chefs secretely loves Chinese-American food...

                                And a second to their excellent Crab Rangoon. A guilty pleasure, and theirs are the best. But I always thought that Crab Rangoon was supposed to be crispy, and theirs always is.

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                                  Agreed. I might stop ordering the silly chinese-american stuff if it wasn't so good. I like the crispy char they get on the outside of their spare ribs!

                              2. The BEST crab rangoon are at Golden Temple in Washington Square, Brookline. Loaded with crab, they are crispy and delicious. Always very very good. In general the menu is a bit on the expensive side for Chinese food, but the food is excellent.

                                1. I don't eat rangoons much anymore, but for a while New Hong Kong in Brighton was our go-to place for drunken crab rangoons. They are not the type that are folded up in the middle so that you get a tiny amount of filling and the rest just snaps off (is that what you mean by crispy?). These are folded over into a triange and filled to the max. Not much fake crab flavor at all, but tons of cheese. Like I said, they really hit the spot at 3am, but that's usually the time I go for the Chinese-American type stuff. Just seems right when the bars close.

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                                    Yes!!! You are the only one who understood what I meant by not crispy!!

                                  2. Thai Moon in Arlington Ctr is tremendous.
                                    Sichuan Garden in Waltham is fantastic as is Shangri La in Belmont....

                                    1. Billy Tse Revere location is #1 for American Chinese.

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                                        Thanks, as that is one that is not TOO far away.

                                      2. We get delivery from Billy Tse's in the North End when we have a craving for good American-Chinese. We always order the crab rangoon - their version are the triangle-shaped ones with plenty of filling.