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Jan 20, 2007 11:11 PM

Produce market in South Etobicoke?

I'm looking for a good produce stand/market near Queensway and Royal York. I currently go to a little spot in the Richview Mall (Eglinton west of Islington) that has a good selection of very fresh fruits and vegis at great prices but am looking for a place closer to home. Easy parking is a bonus.

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  1. Check out Chef's Choice on Jutland(off Kipling N of North Queen). Very fresh but not always the most inexpensive. They have a few hard to locate things. Have a look. Staff helpful and knowledgeable. Good luck.Also, the greengrocers on Bloor in the Kingsway &also along Bloor West have same prices/quality as The Richview store(I go there too).

    1. I second royal york and bloor. There are a few markets similar to the one at Richview plaza. The parking is on the north side of bloor, behind the stores. However, it is paid parking :(

      1. My favourite:

        Lanzarotta A J Wholesale Fruit And Vegetables
        1000 Lakeshore Road E
        Mississauga, L5E 1E4
        ph: 905-891-0510