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Pancit in Phoenix Metro area???


Can anyone suggest any restaurants in the Phoenix metro area that serves pancit? I heard of a small Filipino place somewhere on Dobson, but that's about it for Filipino places. I appreciate all suggestions/comments!


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  1. I think I ate once at a filipino place somewhere near the Tempe / Mesa / Chandler border, but it supposedly converted to some other type of food, despite staying under filipino ownership. It might be the one you heard about on Dobson.

    I know of a filipino grocery on the west side, but can't think of any filipino restaurants.

    1. Try "Island Roots" in Tempe: 480-940-1887.

      p.s. Ha! I am everywhere!

      1. The Filipino grocery on the west side is at 35th and Dunlap (it's quite large), and the last time I was there, months ago, there was a small Filipino cafe next door. I haven't tried it so can't testify about the menu.

        Sarah C

        1. Perhaps Jeepney Bistro on S. Alma School? In the same plaza as Von Hanson's meats. Never eaten there but it might have pancit.

          1. I noticed the Filipino place the other day when I was at the Market at 35th and Dunlap(southwest corner).Also there is a little lunch counter in the Market itself serving food now.I don't know a thing about Filipino food but will try it as soon as I get a chance.The Market Is called " Manila" and the restaurant is just a few doors down in the same strip mall.

            1. I seem to recall that the Lumpia Factory had pancit. I ate there a few months ago, but did not try the pancit.

              Lumpia Factory - SW corner of Alma School and Eliot

              1. I noticed a Guam-related eatery on Elliot (near the 10) today. Didn't eat due to my running errands, but your post reminded me to look it up and hey... it mentiones they serve pancit. Lukcy? I guess you have to try it and let us know the score.


                1. whoa there's a place called lumpia factory? i can't wait to try that..i fell in love with lumpia while in the sf bay area.....

                  now im hungry ;)

                  1. I just had some really good Pancit from a new place in Chandler called Gingerroot. I got a business card from them and the web site is http://www.gingerrootrestaurant.com

                    1. I haven't been in a couple months but I love Why Cook in Mesa. It might be the place you're referring to, it's at Dobson and Guadalupe. They catered my rehearsal dinner and it was amazing - dinuguan, pancit canton, lumpia shanghai and lumpia gulai and a whole lechon too! They also serve breakfast on the weekends, I've been meaning to go by there for some longanisa and pandesal, mmm. The owners are very friendly, I would call ahead to check what they're serving before you go, sometime they run out of stuff and I'd hate for you to make a trip and not have your favorites.

                      Why Cook
                      2121 W Guadalupe Rd # 8, Mesa, AZ