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Jan 20, 2007 10:26 PM

Pancit in Phoenix Metro area???


Can anyone suggest any restaurants in the Phoenix metro area that serves pancit? I heard of a small Filipino place somewhere on Dobson, but that's about it for Filipino places. I appreciate all suggestions/comments!


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  1. I think I ate once at a filipino place somewhere near the Tempe / Mesa / Chandler border, but it supposedly converted to some other type of food, despite staying under filipino ownership. It might be the one you heard about on Dobson.

    I know of a filipino grocery on the west side, but can't think of any filipino restaurants.

    1. Try "Island Roots" in Tempe: 480-940-1887.

      p.s. Ha! I am everywhere!

      1. The Filipino grocery on the west side is at 35th and Dunlap (it's quite large), and the last time I was there, months ago, there was a small Filipino cafe next door. I haven't tried it so can't testify about the menu.

        Sarah C

        1. Perhaps Jeepney Bistro on S. Alma School? In the same plaza as Von Hanson's meats. Never eaten there but it might have pancit.

          1. I noticed the Filipino place the other day when I was at the Market at 35th and Dunlap(southwest corner).Also there is a little lunch counter in the Market itself serving food now.I don't know a thing about Filipino food but will try it as soon as I get a chance.The Market Is called " Manila" and the restaurant is just a few doors down in the same strip mall.