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Online source for Delish Decadent Valentine Goodies

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What are some sites for really great Valentine Goodies? Preferably decadent food goodies.
Need sites for kiddies plus Kiddies of all ages.

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  1. My most perfect decadant adult Valentine's gifti is a heart-shaped bon bon called a parchita that is filled with liquid passionfruit flavored caramel.

    I was going to describe it but I would border on x-rated. While I love caramel, I don't usually like passionfruit ... yet I could live on these chocolates. It is sold by Chuao

    As to kids ... not decadant, but fun ... there is an ad occaisonaly on the site for personalized valentine message pink & white M&M's. There was some sort of deal too, IIRC.

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      That is the best salivating choco site I have seen.

      Decisions! Decisions! To go choco candy or choco brownies!!

      Thanks for the info.