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Jan 20, 2007 10:16 PM

Sources for inexpensive stainless steel tables.....

I'm re-organizing my kitchen.
Consequently I want to replace my wood cart with a stainless steel narrow table with one or preferably two open shelves.

I heard that buying such table at a medical supply store would be cheaper than a regular kitchen supply store; however, I haven't been able to locate a source yet.

I'm looking for a fairly narrow table (approx 18 through 21" deep x 60" long x 29 through 30" high) so I need either a retailer that has such size available or sells custom sized tables--all this without breaking the bank....any suggestions?


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  1. that's very narrow for something commercially produced. an on-line search would be your best bet. i needed a weird size sink when i renovated the kitchen last year, and wound up ordering one from an outfit that supplies hospitals and schools.

    you can also check restaurant supply companies near you.

    those tables are not expensive, but obviously cutom will jack up the price.

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    1. re: hotoynoodle

      May I ask where did you order from?
      I have looked online but so far I have no found a place that will let me choose the size I need; or anything ready-made that comes close to the size I need.

      I'll try school supply companies next.

      Thanks for the feedback.

    2. If you could stretch to a normal sized unit, then IKEA is selling stainless steel units for cheap. Otherwise, second hand stores, for restaurant equipment, are a good source.

      I've seen great stuff in NYC, for cheap.

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      1. re: andreas

        Unfortunately I have a very narrow space so 21" is as deep as I can possibly go.
        Thanks anyway for the feedback.

      2. Well, I had the same problem exactly one year ago this month. I was able to find narrow stainless steel tables (approx. 18" deep and 3' long) at Costco for $99.00. You know how it goes with Costco, buy it while it's there, but you might want to try.

        1. Maria, you might try the kitchen supply places along the Bowery, around Delancey St. There's a ton of them, and while I've none to recommend in particular, you're bound to find what you're looking for there.

          And from the "why not?" department, try the Salvation Army warehouse on 10th (and 46th?)...vast inventory.

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            I've always had good luck at Chef Restaurant Supply, 294 Bowery. there are also several places on The Bowery that will custom make you anything you want

          2. I cannot help out in the price department, but the link below shows some promise. I looked up this outfit back 2 maybe 3 years ago when a friend needed a long and narrow SS utility table with a 6" high back-splash. They made my friend a custom table.



            Otherwise would a short, chrome wire shelving unit be considered? It would become a 2 part project if you needed something solid for the top and that part could be possibly formed in metal shops dealing with SS.

            My theory is that a 30 H x 60 L x 18 D with 2 (or 3)shelves should run under $70 (or $100) and a SS top around $150. Now don't let the word shelving get in the way as I have wire shelving in my kitchen that I use my mixer off of. I then have extra storage above as I used a 72 inch high model.