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Jan 20, 2007 09:52 PM


I do not understand why Hawaiians love this stuff????Please expain...

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  1. How about Spam earrings or a muffler and mittens?

    I tried to get a friend to get the earrings when her daughter came home to visit from the left coast and had a hissy fit when she saw Spam in her mother's cupboard. I guess I will have to order them for her for her birthday and if she only wears them once it will be payback enough if it sends her left coast furry shinned daughter over the edge.

    1. Spam is one of America's greatest contributions to the great foods of the world.

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      1. re: yayadave

        Correction: Spam is one of MINNESOTA's greatest contributions (Hormel is a MN company)... about an hour and a half drive out of the Twin Cities is the the Spam Museum in Austin MN for all you ever wanted to know about Spam. I'm not sure I'd go out of my way to visit it, but if you're passing through anyway...

        There's a restaurant across the street (sorry, I don't know the name)that serves a pretty mean spamburger. Not something I'd eat every day, but fun to order in a restaurant. It's pretty decadent in a high-sodium, high-fat kind of way. I love it when it's been fried just until it has a nice crisp crust. One sandwich, though (or maybe even a half,) and I've had my fill of Spam for a year or two.

        I really got a kick out of the Spam musubi when I was in Hawaii.


        1. re: The Dairy Queen

          I had to see the Spam museum site. I was hoping for some information on the incredible shelf life of the food like substance.

          There was no email link at the museum so I could ask what they knew about it. I suppose they might be afraid of filling their in box with.......

          I do admit to having a few cans in my earthquake survival kit.

            1. re: The Dairy Queen

              Ed, you'll probably not get a straight answer to possible extended shelf life, as they must be conservative in public info, or a dozen new product liablity lawyers would arise from the primordial soup.

              However, when I emailed them (Hormel) they were very gracious to answer my q about "when the peel-the-key can was replaced by the ring top pull can":

              answer: "Thank you for contacting us. We appreciate hearing from you. The ring top SPAM can was introduced in 1987."

              Spam is pressure canned and heavily salted. Unless your stock predates Mrs. O'Leary's cow, it should be fine.

      2. My Dad was a fighter pilot stationed in Asia during WWII. Among all the dreadful rations on base, Spam stood out head and shoulders above the rest. He survived the war with an abiding love for Spam. A love that was not shared by my Mom and two brothers. I cast my fate with my father and came away with a quirkish devotion to the product. Every once-in-a-while (when no family members are present), I fry up some Spam and make a Wonder Bread/Spam/American Cheese and mayo sandwich. I eat it with gusto, and make no apologies to anyone.

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          1. re: yayadave

            I am in the untenable position of stating that Spam is chowish, but Miracle Whip is not. I cannot rationally defend this position, but assert that it is true.

            1. re: pikawicca

              But the combination is greater than sum of its parts.

        1. Love, love, LOVE Spam! Pan-fried slices with eggs for breakfast, diced into mac & cheese, chopped up with sweet pickle relish and mayo as a sandwich spread...

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