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Jan 20, 2007 09:52 PM

Where to buy Ro-tel?

Ro*tel is basically diced tomatoes and green chilies in a can. Couldn't find it at the standard supermarkets/Whole Foods. Need it for my gumbo recipe. Thanks!

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  1. i know they carry it at key foods on ave a and like 4th or 5th street in the mexican food section with the taco seasoning, canned peppers, etc.

    1. I've seen them at Zabar's, but at what I hoped/assumed was an unusually high price (at least $1.50/small can, a few years ago.)

      1. Just bought 4 cans at pathmark on south street they were $.95

        1. Thanks, y'all. Went ahead and made the gumbo sans ro-tel and the Saints lost. Who dat think gonna substitute the ro-tel?

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            I just bought some at Zabar's - it was $2.95/'s a little much - so be it.

            I moved to NYC from Texas 14 years ago - and am just delighted that I can find this stuff up here now. Went forever with out it - and would literally have family send it up to me from TX.

            Want a Tex-Mex whit trash snack suggestion:

            Ro-Tel and Velveeta

            Dip in your favorite chip (tostio corn chip is my suggestion)

            and you're sure to be hooked!