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Boar's Head

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Does anyone know where to get Boar's Head in/around the Laurel/ Burtonsville area? Dying for a decent sandwich.

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  1. Boar's Head meats can be had at Giant Food or Super Fresh Markets. I'd search their website for exact locations.

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      Thanks Chownut, I have not seen it in my Giant in Laurel, so I'll check them out on the web.

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        You may need to venture down to the Bowie area for that super Giant that they opened awhile back. According to the press release, this store definitely carries Boar's Head Brand.

        "The service deli features Boar's Head Brand premium quality meats and cheeses, prepared Boston Market entrees and side dishes, gourmet salads, an Italian foods section, rotisserie chickens and customized sandwiches. Other highlights include a hot food bar, an appetizer bar featuring chicken wings, mozzarella sticks and jalapeno peppers."


        Also, you should consider Super Fresh, as there is one nearby you in Odenton, MD. I'd call ahead first, as maybe only larger stores will carry this premium brand, same goes with Giant.

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          Cool, I will check them out. The trip to either town would be worth it. Thanks CN

    2. The Giant in Clarksville (Routes 32 & 108)carry them.

      1. Superfresh in Spring Valley doesn't have boar's head anymore. :( :( :( I assume none of their other stores carry it anymore.

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          I just received a flyer this past wednesday in the Post and they advertised Boar's head.

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            are you for real???? super fresh stinks and stop posting about it in every thread!

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              And Dietz and Watson is affordable? The pricing is similiar to Boar's Head, but not the quality.

            2. Serafino's in Ellicott City carries Boar's Head and has something like 25 different sandwiches to chose from, if you're looking more for prepared sandwiches.

              1. Boar's Head meats are well established, but does anyone have an opinion on their sauces?
                specificly their horseradish sauce?

                Is there any reason to buy/use them over every thing else?

                1. Sorry about the redundance

                  1. For folks looking for Boar's Head in DC I know So's Your Mom sells it in Adams Morgan.

                    I miss So's Your Mom so much! I use to live in Adams Morgan and recently moved to Dupont Circle. Even though its not that far...SYM is no longer my neighborhood sandwich spot. Which is a shame because Boar's Head is delicious and Dupont has nothing to compare to So's Your Mom Boar's Head sandwiches.

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                      Giant is moving from Dietz and Watson to Boar's head (much to my dismay since I hate the Boar's Head P and P loaf and love the D&W version). Actually, imho, Boar's Head has gone down quite a bit in flavor in the last 10 years.

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                        Boar's Head not far from Dupont Circle...The sandwich shop at 19th and L serves Boar's Head sammies. New owners--shop used to be called Picnic, now is called Fresh Meal.

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                          There's also a deli that sells Boar's Head sandwiches in the Penn Quarter area. It's on 8th between G and H streets. I believe it's only open for lunch on weekdays. Sorry this doesn't help the OP but those who are in DC might be curious.

                        2. A bit far away but believe it or not the deli in the Amoco Station on Nursery Rd near BWI serves up pretty good Boars head fare for anyone up that way. In Baltimore Rosina Gourmet (2 locations) does as well.

                          1. Superfresh by target & Petsmart have it as does Giant in White Oak (also the hot dogs ... YUM!)