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Jan 20, 2007 09:13 PM

Birmingham-Anyone tried the Cuban restaurant on Hwy 280?

Has anyone been to the cuban restaurant on Hwy 280 near Greystone? Just curious to see if it is any good. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I didn't know there was a cuban restaurant near Greystone! What's the name? I have a friend who lives in Greystone so we might have to make a chow stop to try it out.

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    1. re: sheilal

      I believe it's called Cuban Grill. If you're heading away from Birmingham, it's just past Hugh Daniels Drive on the left in a strip mall. You'll have to report back and let us know if it's any good. If it's only mediocre, it's not worth the energy fighting 280 traffic and headed ALL the way out there. Too much of a hike for me. :)

      1. re: gyp7318

        It's pretty good. I stopped by Saturday for takeout and grabbed a cubano, some croquettes, a tamale (seems atypical or a Cuban place?), and a cup of black bean soup.

        I ate half of the cubano Saturday; it was prepared pretty much in the style with which I am familair - Cuban bread (up for debate, but they say it's authentic cuban bread on their menu), roast pork, ham, pickles, cheese and mustard. A bit dry, as cubanos sometimes are (would likely have been better if I'd eaten there, instead of takeout followed by a short drive). The roast pork was chopped very thin and I'm more used to sliced roast pork on a cubano. Still good. Very thin fries accompanied the sandwich, but they were not crispy enough to be frites per se.

        Soup was good, although I only had a few bites. Will finish tonight.

        Ham croquettes are apparently not my gig.

        The tamale was better than expected, as it's steamed with the mojo sauce inside the banana leaf, so it's more moist than I expected and quite delicious. Nice citrus flavor (from the mojo) to go with the steamed onions too.

        Total was like $13 and they gave me a $10 coupon to use on my next meal there. Score!