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Jan 20, 2007 08:55 PM

the best of New England clam-chowder

Hi! Im craving for the best, hearty and generous bowl of new england clam chowder! Any where in the city. Thanks

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  1. Seriously delicious N.E. clam chowder at Docks Oyster Bar, which has two locations, midtown east and UES.

    Another place with superior N.E.-style clam chowder is the Cafe at Country, in the Carlton Hotel, on the corner of Madison & 29th St. Instead of oyster crackers, it comes with popcorn.

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      Walter Foods does a delicious non-tradition version.

    2. The Grand Central Oyster Bar has superb NECC. It and oyster stew are maybe the only two things they make well, but they really get those right

      1. Pearl's was better than both of them when I tried it a few years ago. Grand central is a great bargain though...

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          I just tried Pearl's last week and the Lobster Company at the same time. On my way to Pearl's, I walked by the Lobster Company on Bleecker. I liked the LC's thick consistency, but the clams were chewy. I chalked it up to being late in the day (around 7pm). Then I walked up the block to Pearl's. I thought theirs was very flavorful and the potatoes were nice and firm, but the consistency too watery. If I could combine the best things from both samplings, I would.

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            Update: I went to Dock's (41st and 3rd) last night. Thought the chowder there was horrible. Salty, and lacking in true flavor. Potatoes, to the extent there were any, were undetectable, probably overcooked and reduced to nothing by that time. That was a real disappointment. I'm looking forward though to trying Grand Central Oyster Bar. And I also heard about London Lennie's in Queens which seems interesting.