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Jan 20, 2007 08:44 PM

Wanted: Great carnitas

I am reminiscing about the great carnitas one can find in San Diego and Baja... moist, delicious pork sold by the kilo (or fraction thereof) served with soft, hot-off-the-comal corn tortillas, fiery salsa, rice, refrieds, and maybe some lime and radish, as if you need the token vegetable.

Does anyone know a great carnitas place around - not a place to get a "carnitas" burrito - I can skip that. I can't imagine that there isn't somewhere in E Boston, Chelsea, JP, somewhere. sigh.

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  1. Oh man ... I am so with you on this one. Recently took a trip down to Tijuana from San Diego just to hit up Carnitas Ururapan. Divine.

    I think we had pretty good carnitas at Tacos El Charro in JP, but it was a while ago. Would love to hear what others have found.

    1. I hate to break to you, but I think that short of a trip back to the west coast you're not going to find a place like Carnitas Ururapan(used to be one of my favorites)in this area. In ten years here I haven't found the typical mercado I grew up with.

      One bright spot used to be Tacos El Charro in JP. Thats' my recommendation but I'm not sure if its still open.

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        Tacos El Charro was still in business last time I went by (maybe a few weeks ago). Haven't tried the carnitas there, but I'd be curious to hear how people think they compare.

      2. LOVE Carnitas Ururapan !!! Will have to revisit El Charro, but am also keen to see what else turns up...

        1. Man, oh man. I always loved carnitas in San Diego. Could never find them here. I oredered them at Acapulco's in Beverly a year or so ago because it was the first time I found them anywhere. They were terrible. They can't be THAT hard to make, can they? I hope someone somewhere around here finds the real thing.

          1. Haven't found much in the way of carnitas in Boston..but here's a link to a thread on the Mexico board that I just put up.

            To make them right isn't hard; but very time consuming.

            Bring back some memories..:)


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              Used "your" recipe for superbowl yesterday, they were fabulous.