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Jan 20, 2007 08:40 PM

Cheap eats with atmosphere downtown Toronto

Where are some good restaurants in downtown Toronto that are cheap but still have funky interesting atmosphere? Type not important.

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  1. How cheap? What's your idea of funky? Got an example of a restaurant that you like?

    1. Well, I am originally from Montreal and find the restos there a tad more enticing in the lower price point category. But as an example, I love the Pomegranate resto on College just east of Bathurst. GREAT Persian food, comfortable and authentic atmosphere, very reasonable. (Mains $9-15). Every time I take a guest there it gets nothing but wows. It has gotten rave reviews as well. So by funky I mean that the owners take pride (the visual is so important...and not just the food!) in the place in which they serve their food.

      1. Banu on Queen West is kind of fun. Also Iranian. But with more vodka.

        1. I would have to go with Terroni on Victoria Street between Queen and Richmond. Good people watching and excellent food.

          1. There's Addia Abbaba, an Ethiopian restaurant near the Gladstone Hotel. I've been there once and really enjoyed it. The owners are friendly and the place smells of incense. You can also get genuine Ethiopian-style coffee.