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Jan 20, 2007 08:10 PM

Mtl restaurants with great desserts

Could anyone here, list some Montreal restaurants that make great desserts? Les Chevres was apparently one(I had never tried their desserts), but they're now gone. Maybe Bronte?? Preferably made in-house. I don't think many Montreal restaurants have designated pastry chefs in their kitchen.

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  1. Lemeac has a chef Patissier, and some of their desserts are nice; the Ananas roti is very good, as well the "Pain perdu" but the last one is HUGE!

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    1. re: Maximilien

      Lemeac, I tried just one of their desserts, & thought it was excellent(can't remember what was dessert called).

      1. re: Maximilien

        The passion fruit blanc-manger is amazing at Lemeac.

      2. My hubby's favourite dessert by far is the Jack Daniels-laced bread pudding at Mesquite - - they make it to order and it takes about 20 minutes to prepare so order in advance unless you're prepared to linger. I'm not normally a fan of desserts with alcohol in them but this one is a winner. Big enough for two, garnished with a drizzle of chocolate sauce & strawberries.

        They also have other massive desserts like frozen key lime pie and a massive chocolate brownie mud pie, but the bread pudding's what they're known for.

        1. Brunoise's panna cotta is legendary. Even this chocoholic agrees!

          Les Chevre's pastry chef was indeed fantastic... I'm sure she'll have no trouble finding another spot.

          Chez L'Épicier does a lovely crème brulée tasting of 4 different flavours. Most of their deserts are built on the same idea of several variations of a main idea or ingredient. I also recall the chocolate and maple desert (ice-cream, mousse, something else...) plates being quite good.

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          1. re: Sam Ottawa

            BTW, the desserts chef at Les Chevres is a HE, not a SHE !

            Patrice Demers is is name, and hopefully, HE will not have difficualy finding a new place.

              1. re: Maximilien

                I recently heard that Patrice Demers has in his plans to open a dessert restaurant!

              2. re: Sam Ottawa

                Would you know if La Brasserie Brunoise, next to the Bell Centre opened yet? Who's the pastry chef at Brunoise?

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                  If you go to Chez L'Epicier, my choice would be their signature dessert, a "club sandwich" with layers of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberries with basil, accompanied by a mint melon "cole slaw" and pineapple "french fries". Unusual, outstanding, and worth the trip. Main courses were ho-hum, unfortunately, and soups disappointing (especially at $9).

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                    Yes, the panna cotta is indeed legendary (and now copied elsewhere, but never as good). Both Brunoise and the new Brasserie Brunoise have home-made desserts, bread, etc. Brasserie Brunoise also has the panna cotta (equally good) but also a wiked "poudding chomeur" and killer chocolate-stuffed beignets with a caramel sauce. Decadent.

                    1. re: Syrah_Lover

                      What are the prices like at Brasserie Brunoise?

                      Is it only à la carte?

                      Do they have wine by the glass?


                      1. re: SnackHappy

                        Appetizers 6-12$
                        Mains mostly in the 19$ range
                        Desserts 6-7$
                        Wine by the glass: yes
                        They have a daily special on weekdays.

                        The chocolate- filled beignets, sprinkled with sugar and dipped in caramel were awesome. Chocolate, doughnut, caramel and sugar: four essential foodgroups! Pannacotta was same as Brunoise, but served without the little mignardises, since price is lower.

                        1. re: Venusia

                          After several recommendations here for the desserts at Brasserie Brunoise, I went there several weeks ago, just for their desserts. Tried their pannacotta & chocolate-filled beignets. Found the pannacotta excellent, but was underwhelmed by their chocolate-filled beignets(very mediocre). Are their beignets usually very good(maybe I got them on an off-night, & willing to give them another chance). One thing I noted in my visit to Brasserie Brunoise, & also mentioned in today's Lesley Chesterman Montreal Gazette review of the establishment, is the lack of customers. The place was practically dead! In Lesley's case, she went on a recent Tuesday Habs hockey night, & by 7:30pm the place was inhabited by very few customers.

                          1. re: Venusia

                            Is the pannacotta at Brasserie Brunoise made on-location or its from their flagship location Brunoise on St. Andre? Lesley Chesterman's review of Brunoise(on St. Andre) in Saturday's Montreal Gazette is a little confusing concerning her opinion on their pannacotta. When she reviewed Brasserie Brunoise in the Gazette March 2007, she said their passion-fruit pannacotta was "interesting but candy sweet." In her review Saturday(August 18th) of Brunoise, she mentioned she didn't order their passionfruit pannacotta, because "I already know it's a winner." And that was her first time at Brunoise on St, Andre, since she reviewed them 4 years ago.

                        2. re: Syrah_Lover

                          Just by the description here, I'll go to the new Brasserie Brunoise just for their desserts.

                      2. The chocolate creme brulé at Pintxo. Delicious mix of crackling caramel with the dark chocolate creme underneath - perfect!

                        1. At a BYOW called Yoyo, they have a gâteau beauceron who is to die for!! I almost had a second one the last time I went there. It is relatively expensive, but the food is terrific there. The last time I went there, I had the sweetbreads (ris de veau en français) with a foie gras and xeres sauce. It was incredible. I had a cerf de boileau tartare as an appetizer. It is really one of the best BYOW in the city because they are not uneven. Everything is good there.