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Dinner in Oshawa

Nyleve Jan 20, 2007 07:51 PM

A hotbed of fine dining it is not, I realize. But we'll be catching a concert at the General Motors Centre in Oshawa (close to King between Simcoe and Ritson Road) and want to have dinner before. Any suggestions? Do not want faux-fancy. I can get that anywhere. Just want to avoid total awfulness.

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  1. Wiley Jan 20, 2007 09:14 PM

    If you like large portions,Teddy's is legendary--very busy, though.

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    1. re: Wiley
      hungryabbey Jan 20, 2007 09:28 PM

      I wanted to say it but I was scared.But Teddy's is my childhood in a restaurant and as far as value goes, its the best place I know. You get a juice , roll (and theres someething really satisfying about those rolls), soup or salad, huuuge meal with like 2 sides for some rediculously low price. Try the roast beef with gravy mm.. or their montreal smoked meat is good. And if you have room (and you wont, but I always manager to order it anyways) , get the strawberry pie for dessert.
      But the line up gets crazy and out the door by 5.

    2. l
      Lipant Jan 21, 2007 01:04 AM

      Officially Hot Rocks is in Whitby but it's almost Oshawa, so far east. Off of Rossland I think... check yellow pages. It's excellent. Lots of different dishes and my husband said he had the best beef dish he ever had there. I had a very good Asian pasta.

      1. n
        Nyleve Jan 22, 2007 05:55 PM

        Thanks, folks. Still hunting, though. We'll be coming from the east so don't want to go to Whitby. Teddy's...maybe. Sounds like classic diner food to me. I'm sure it has it's place but I dunno.

        1. Mike from Hamilton Jan 22, 2007 06:57 PM

          If you're not looking for "faux-fancy", Teddy's would be my prime recommendation. They specialize in deli sandwiches and have old standby food like a full turkey dinner with all the trimmings, liver and onions, etc. Their Straberry and Coconut Cream pies are homemade and worth the wait in line alone.

          If that doesn't satisfy, Harpo's on Stevenson Road (across from Oshawa Center) is a nice, albeit pricey old-school Greek Steakhouse...walking into this restaurant is like walking into the late 1970s, early 1980s with Saganaki, Chicken Oscar, French Onion Soup and Creme de Menthe Ice Cream Parfaits on the menu...it might be a bit more than you're looking for from what it sounds like...

          1. b
            bigos70 Jan 22, 2007 07:13 PM

            There are 2 places I would recommend in/near downtown. There is Polish food at a place called Euro Chef - not fine dining but the food is good. If you want something nicer there is the Gallery Cafe in the McLauglin Gallery - probably the best of the lot for nicer dining in Oshawa. Or there is always Fazios - which is very well known. I grew up in Oshawa, but still visit regularly since I have friends and family there.

            1. MiniMom Jan 23, 2007 09:39 AM

              Stick with Hot Rocks - not that far to drive but worth it. I escaped the shwa but would drive back just for Hotrocks food. The pizza is yummy so are their mains, try the snails with boursin cheeses OMG.

              1. n
                Nyleve Feb 1, 2007 06:46 AM

                Update. We ended up having dinner at an extremely modest place called Oshawa Thai Kitchen on Bond St. near Simcoe. It was a passable meal, not worse than I've had at many Thai restaurants in better places. I do wish they hadn't put canned pineapple chunks in the Red Curry Beef, though (gah). And a little cilantro would have been nice. But never mind - it was ok and convenient.

                For all you Teddy's people, thanks for the suggestion but it just didn't strike the right note for me. I'm not a huge fan of diner/deli cuisine. Maybe another time.

                1. s
                  Shwagirl Mar 10, 2007 09:31 AM

                  If you drive a few minutes east on Hwy #2, you will find a Don Cherry's Sports bar across the street from McDonalds in the Price Chopper plaza. BEST wings and nachos around. The prices are reasonable, a variety of menu items, food is always fresh & you will not leave hungry. They also have a kids/junior menu and have a few video games and a pool table if the kids get stir crazy at the table.

                  1. s
                    Shwagirl Apr 21, 2007 03:46 PM

                    Don Cherry's in Courtice has updated their patio. Nice comfy, high seating chairs & a cold beer...can't go wrong :)

                    1. l
                      lordloveaduck Jan 8, 2008 07:02 PM

                      well i would not reccommend Teddy's though a lot of people die for it. I would reccomend avanti's , it's new and it's almost on the east corner of king and simcoe. it's run by the guy who owns mongo italian in whitby a very popular place and it's very good. your italian fusion type food. another great restaurant that no one seems to mention is Kreb's in whitby on brock street north,( one block north of star burger) it's a wonderful place, lovely atmosphere, beautiful ambiance, great service , has a lovely salad bar and the food it wonderful, it's family run and usually pretty full later in the evening. might be worth a try

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