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Jan 20, 2007 07:33 PM

restuartant in san francisco or sausalito for 50-60 people (rehearsal dinner)

hi all!

i'm looking for a restaurant with a private dining area for 50-60 people this May. price: reasonable ($40-50pp). fun environment (love mexican - but open to any cuisine). nothing too "fancy" - we want this to be a casual night out.

thanks for your suggestions!


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  1. Mamacita - on Chestnut in the Marina, might fit the bill and nice atmosphere

    Tia Margarita Mexican Restaurant- a fun down home place, good margaritas in the outer Richmond neighborhood style place, food is pretty good, great for large parties.

    Tres Agaves- SOMA more urban style, good drinks and food, might fit the price range if people don't drink too much.

    then there is always Tommy's- more of a hole in the wall, food not great, good margaritas.

    1. Tres Agaves will fit your price range and they include margaritas in the $/person. I was not crazy about the atmosphere though. It is a large room with a concrete floor and not much else.

      We had our rehearsal dinner at Restaurant Lulu which was around $40/person plus alcohol, tax, tip and gratuity. I loved the space and everyone thought the food was fantastic. It was a very kind of homey atmosphere and I liked that they serve the food family style.

      Also, Bacar, if you do heavy apps, falls into that price range. I would have done our dinner there but they were booked for the date we were looking for. I am kind of glad because I really liked Lulu.