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Jan 20, 2007 06:53 PM

Looking for Best Italian Fine Dining in Toronto

Which is the best restaurant with the best wine list?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Other recommendations I have received are:
      Sotto Sotto
      La Bruscetta

      Any comments on these?

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      1. re: indiegirl2

        Terroni is definitely not fine dining. It's great for what it is: a casual pizza and pasta place (multiple locations), but it does not fit the bill of best restaurant with best wine list. The Macallan's list is a good one. Stick with it.

        1. re: indiegirl2

          I'm surprised to see Bravi, to be honest.
          Used to work across the street and ate there regularly. The food is ok, but not great.

          I like that you called out Biaggio -- I still really like them too.

          1. re: indiegirl2

            Zucca is my favourite. The service and the food are always impeccable year after year. You can check out their menu and wine list online.

            I've been to Via Allegro 3 times, and I fail to see the hype. It is always way too loud and the food, while expensive and pretty to look at, just leaves me flat. The last time I was there we had to lean in and yell to hear each other so we ended up saying little(a bit of blessing since we took my mother-in-law), and it was only 6:30.

            Sotto Sotto is on my permanent "never again" list after a night very horrible and insulting service. Unless you are famous enough to get fawned over, don't bother.

            Camerini's on Mount Pleasant, south of Eg, is sometimes good. it used to be great. I'm not sure what the latest is on this place, but maybe others have more recent experience.

            1. re: dinin and dishin

              It's really tough to beat Zucca. I usually order what may be the most simple (and IMO tastiest) item on the menu: ciriole al pomodoro piccante (freshly made daily on premises thick noodles with tomato fillets, basil, fresh peperoncino and olive oil). If hungry, tell them you want a portion-and-a-half (not on the menu, but they'll gladly do that). Regular portion is a mere $13!!

              Of all the Italian restos I've been to in Toronto, Zucca is by far my fave.

          2. Allow me to add Coppi, on Yonge St. north of Lawrence, a long-time neighborhood favorite that's worth traveling across town for. Everything is wonderfully done - I'm particularly partial to the spaghetti puttanesca (the most authentic puttanesca sauce that I've tasted in Toronto) - but other dishes are just as accomplished. Interesting appetizers, sophisticated entrees, wine list a little pricier than I'd prefer, but nonetheless it's all worth it. Owner Fausto is usually on hand to make sure everything runs smoothly. A nice extra: tables are extra large and well spaced, giving you a pleasant sense of privacy - something you don't often get in many joints nowadays.

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            1. re: juno

              Ten years ago, Coppi was outstanding. In those days it was my go-to place for Italian... but then it seemed to go down a little for my taste. I've been back a few times since and have enjoyed it for sure, but it still does not seem what it used to be.

              Fausto is amazing and always interested and concerned for your good dining experience. I miss the rigatoni with pesto and potato (I think there's a variant of that dish still on the menu, but it's not as good now). As well, the complimentary rosemary bread which was "bottomless" is no longer. A different bread is served.

              Tiramisu: 10/10 (I think that's still the case)

            2. I would add Sapori on Yonge north of Lawrence.

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              1. re: sherry f

                If you are a fan of amarones, then Sapori is a hidden gem. They have an entirely separate wine list with well over a hundred amarones. You have to ask for it specifically.

                1. re: sherry f

                  Sapori is owned by the two brothers who had my sorely missed La Bussola on Bathurst (near Lawrence). I finally got to Sapori recently and can't say that I enjoyed it. Starter bread overloaded with garlic and oil. Pasta was not bad, but nothing special.

                2. What about Trattoria Gian Carlo on Clinton, always had superb meals there!