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Jan 20, 2007 06:37 PM

Any Recent Naples experiences?

Im planning a visit to Naples and very much looking forward to it - does anyone have any recent experiences or recommendations?

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  1. Do not miss the area called "Spacanapoli". It is ancient and probably had the best pizza of my life in the Pizzeria of the same name.

    1. You might be interested in reading "Falling Palace: A Romance of Naples" by Dan Hofstadter, who writes occasional food/travel articles for Gourmet, among other mags.

      1. Go to "Da Michele" for pizza. It is by the train station. Everyone knows where it is. Across the street is the "Trianon", but I heard they started mechanically mixing the dough? Since pizza is so serious a Napoli some locals say not to go there anymore.
        Go to:

        -Capodimonte: Kings palace using for hunting excursions turned into wonderful museum. If you like'll love this.

        -National Archeological Museum

        -Piazza del Gesu. Wonderful church.

        -Take a train to Caserta and tour the Reggia di Caserta. Another hunting get away for the king. It was modelled after Versailles. 30 min train ride.

        -The boat to Capri, Ischia...etc don't take long. There is some incredible wine and food on Ischia and Capri has rich history to tour.

        There's a lot to see!

        1. Jen, So much. Random thoughts: the street market in Pignasecca (near via Toledo), the
          pizza at Da Ciro or Da Michele or Bellini (near Santa Chiara and Port'Alba); a day trip to Procida, the bluecollar Ischia; a commuter train ride to Pozzuoli and its seaside fish market.
          Immediately buy a copy of Carla Capalbo's amazing and essential The Food and Wine Guide to Naples and Campania and cjeck out, Luciano Pignataro's essential web guide to eating, drinking, and discovering the city and region (in Italian, but worth every word). Buon soggiorno.

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            thanks so much for all the suggestions - Im following up on all of them.

            Im trying to figure out how best to fit in an eating excursion with a visit to Vesuvius taken by public transportation. any special recommendations?

          2. Jen, Luciano Pignataro recommends O' Cuppiello in the town of Pomigliano d'Arco
            (, a few kms form Parco Vesuvio and which I believe is a stop on the Circumvesuviana rail line. Capalbo has others in her book,
            but it's very big area, much heavily industrialized.