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Jan 20, 2007 06:33 PM

convention center teen dinners for less

I have a volleyball team of girls ages 14-17 who will be very hungry following their tournament at the convention center in april.
We are staying at the Hilton near the convention center and need inexpensive(maybe italian, family food) restaurants that we can walk to.Other suggestions of food types are welcome- budget is low but we don't want fast food!

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  1. The convention center is in adjacent to Chinatown so lots of options there. Also within walking distance is HardRock Cafe - always a favorite with teens.
    As long as the tournement is not on a Sunday - next to the convention center is Reading Terminal Market with a multitude of food vendors.

    1. Maggiano's. It's across Filbert Street from the Hilton.

      1. Maggiono's would be perfect, but be sure to make a reservation. They get booked up way in advance.

        1. Maggiano's is close but its not inexpensive and although I've been there only once, I thought the quality was not worth the price. I'm not sure how they burn red gravy, but everything that night tasted burnt. You could go for the Hard Rock, the kids will like it, the music is loud, so don't expect to have a conversation, and its fairly reasonable. I would go for Chinese order several entrees, some egg rolls, and everyone shares.

          1. The reading terminal market is next to the convention center, cheap, and is open on Sundays now.