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Late night fun place for eats in Carnegie Hall/mid town area suggestion?

Hello! I will be visiting NYC from Boston with a group of friends and we are looking for a fun place that is not necessarily "hip" or "trendy" but offers good food, lots of desserts and is open late on a Monday night. We have all been to NYC a few times and find the challenge with finding a place open late enough on a Monday night. Last year we tried to hit the Cafeteria (more because it sounded like a fun place to go) and believe it or not we hit it on a night where they closed early for inventory or something like that. (Can you imagine?) We don't have to have a location in midtown but we're staying near Carnegie Hall so it's preferred. Many thanks for your suggestions in advance!

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  1. You didn't mention how late, but the Redeye Grill is open until 11pm on Mondays. Great seafood and across from Carnegie Hall.


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      We are ideally looking for something that is open until at least midnight or 1am. I've been to RedEye Grill and it's great.

    2. OK, the only place I know open past 11pm is Serafina Broadway in the Dream Hotel. I think it's open until 12am. Fun place! Food is good.

      1. Tintol, on 46th St., b/t 6th & 7th Avs., serves Portuguese tapas. I haven't been, so I can't tell you how good the food is or what the vibe is like though sharing tapas is always fun. They are open every day until midnight.


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          Tintol is a good suggestion. Not the best tapas place in New York City, but definitely very good, especially considering the dearth of tapas/Portugese places in the area. I'm surprised that the restaurant is not more busy. Every time I've eaten there, it's been very empty. Perhaps it's timing as I've eaten there past 8:00P. The patrons may be the theater crowd.

        2. The Carnegie Deli is open until 4:00 AM and will certainly have enough energy for you (or anybody). If it's crowded, ask for the back room, which is less frenetic and where you can sit longer.

          1. I don't know if it completely meets your requirements (particularly in the dessert deparment), but the Burger Joint at Le Parker Meridien Hotel on W57th Street is the place we go when in that area. Great chow-cred with many a burger hound.

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              Thank you! These are all great choices! We have all eaten at Carnegie Deli many a time and always loved the NYC vibe in there. I'll report back when we go and let you know where we went. Thanks to all!

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                  burger joint closes by 11pm on mondays, if not earlier. i was gonna recommend this place as well until i read your post and saw 12am. angelo's pizza (sells pizza by pie only) is another place nearby but they close at 11pm. try menupages.com.

              1. look into french roast on brdwy in the W80s. they are open
                24 hrs (!!!!) and have full meals as well as desserts. however, you'll have to take the 1 train from W57 to W86 (just 4 stops). it's a decent place with good food.

                1. None are in the nabe, but these are my suggestions.....
                  Florent (Meatpacking) or Pastis (Meatpacking)
                  L'Express (Park Ave South)
                  Coffee Shop (Union Square)
                  PJ Clarkes (Midtown East)

                  Also, theres a place called DIP in Murray Hill that's a bar, with pool table. They serve good late night fondues including dessert fondue. Could be fun with your group.

                  Have fun in NY

                  1. I believe Pigalle is open late, on 8th and around 48th or so. Great burgers or steak frites late night. Just checked and they are open 24 hours 7 days a week. Definitely recommend for late night eats.

                    1. Yakitori Totto.

                      One of if not THE best NY example of a cuisine made for parties and friends. 251 W 55th St, in a dark wooded modern space hidden upstairs. Open until 1am Mon-Thur, 2am Fri and Sat. Search for more posts on what to get, but it's all amazing. This is really your best choice if you're a chowhound and your friends are even slightly open to new experiences. In fact, now I'm jealous.

                      EDIT: Just realized that it's probably too late for the OP. Oh, well. Really sad no one suggested Totto before me!

                      1. Sepi's In the Parker Meridien, or Sushi Seki on 62nd and 1st Ave

                        1. We are actually not going to be there until Feb 11 so there is still time. I have to say DIP is looking like a winner for us. BUt I can't seem to find hours on their website www.dipnyc.com unless I am missing something. But many thanks for all the suggestions!

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                            You should call them. It's bar so they should be open pretty late. Don't know how large your group is but you may want to call the private party person...her name is Flo. She may be able to put a package together for you..ie, open bar and food.

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                              Restaurant websites that don't include hours of operation really tick me off! No, you've not missed anything. Dip thinks it's more important to tell you their square footage rather than when they're open.

                              This is when Menupages can often come in handy. Acc. to their info on Dip, it's open until 2 a.m. on Mondays. Of course, it's still a good idea to check directly with the restaurant.

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                                Totally my pet peeve too. I guess my years of proofreading (albeit badly) and making sure press releases, etc. have the WHO, WHAT, WHY, WHEN, WHERE make me yearn for this info in websites. :)

                            2. So we are back from our NYC and we intended to go to DIP and I had called ahead to make sure they would be open late. They had told me 2am. Monday night as we were getting ready to leave I called to confirm and they said they would be open until about midnight - HMPH! So I had to go to Plan B and I didn't have my laptop to check the other requests so we headed over to Cafeteria since I knew they would be open LATE (24 hours).Although my first attempt to go here was thwarted because there was a private party. But this time we had success! And we had a lot of fun dishes - somone had the tomato basil soup with the Mac and Cheese Spring Rolls, someone had meatloaf, someone had the salmon BLT, someone had the crabcakes, someone had the Mac and Cheese and I had the fried chicken and waffles. I really loved the waffle. The chicken was over fried but not greasy but a little tough from the overcooking but tasty. I didn't care for the sauce - mayo? tartar sauce? (I have no idea) and the maple syrup was real but had a strange savory taste to it. Everyone was happy with their dishes and we all had fun in a very NYC place. Thanks again for all your suggestions. I will be back in a few months and look forward to trying more. :)

                              1. Sorry DIP didn't work out for your. Glad you found a successful alternative!

                                1. Thanks for reporting back, bf111! I'm glad you had a successful Plan B in mind. Mac and Cheese Spring Rolls -- is that a spring roll skin around a filling of M&C? I'm trying to get my mind wrapped around that concept. Was it good? I guess it could be like a tubular grilled cheese sandwich -- aah, with the tomato basil soup. Now I get it! Interesting.

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                                    I didn't order it but yes, mac and cheese wrapped in a spring roll skin and deep fried. It came with a smoked gouda sauce. The Tomato Basil soup had grilled cheese croutons which essentially were little grilled cheese sandwiches floating in the soup. The food was not the best in the world but certainly not bad. I'd say very good and for midnight - VERY VERY GOOD! :)

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                                      << The Tomato Basil soup had grilled cheese croutons which essentially were little grilled cheese sandwiches floating in the soup. >>

                                      I like that! It makes me think of "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds." Instead of "picture yourself in a boat on a river with tangerine trees and marmalade skies," I like the image of floating on a grilled cheese sandwich along a river of tomato soup. I guess once a Chowhound...