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Jan 20, 2007 06:06 PM

Best time to shop at Union Square Trader Joe's?

In terms of both stock selection and beating crowds, when is the best time to go? I always pick the worst time -- weekend afternoons, but I'm thinking I might take a long lunch from work one day if it allows for a more leisurely shopping exprience. Or are weekend mornings/evenings better?

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  1. weekday mornings right when they open at 9 or so.

    1. I have done well early Sunday morning--I was in and out quickly befor 11am

      1. I went around 2pm and it was not bad at all.
        It's really hit or miss.
        I got some roasted corn in the freezer isle.
        for sure/

        1. I've gone at 9:00 on weekend mornings and have been in and out in no time.

          1. it's been extremely crowded every time I have been there lately--afternoons around 1:30-2PM