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Jan 20, 2007 06:02 PM

New and Need Help Between Hartford & Springfield

My wife and I are both foodies (industry actually) and are looking for upscale casual and ethnic restaurants as well as your favorite wine shops. We will travel for a good reason. Thanks Hounds

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  1. Can you narrow your search a you mean along 91 or a specific town?...there are tons of places between Hartford & Springfield...many hounds on the board willing to help with a little more info..

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    1. re: LenaNE

      We are currently in Suffield CT. My wife is from here but I am completely lost. Anywhere to get started would be great.

    2. I don't know anything about the Suffield area...but downtown Hartford has many good choices within a few blocks...

      Bin 228, on Pearl St, a nice wine bar with light food..
      Tapas on Ann, a small mediterranean restaurant
      Max's,on Asylum St, upscale chop house with great drinks and atmosphere
      Trumbull Kitchen, on Trumbull St, very varied menu...lots of Asian inspired dishes, youngish crowd, noisy bar
      Joe Blacks, on Pratt St,Irish pub - sort of ..nice bar area but dining area has very uncomfortable chairs that don't match the height of the table...
      Peppercorn's, on Main St (South of downtown) upscale Italian...excellent food

      a few to start...park your car, walk around downtown and you'll find many others too..

      1. Feng, on Asylum st. in downtown Hartford, has some of the best Asian/fusion there is in the area. Check out the menu below

        For a low-priced but unduplicated meal, try the Bull Pen, Bartolomew St., Hartford. The marinated grilled quail is awesome, and so are the fries that come with it.

        For wine, go to Table and Vine on Route 5 in West Springfield. Amazing prices, humongous selection.

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        1. re: rdesmond

          Could you recommend some of the best Asian/fusion dishes you had there? I was very underwhelmed with the food there - perhaps they've improved or I had a bad experience.

        2. Welcome to CT Andrewski.

          Hartford is a great place to find "ethnic" eats. The Hartford metro has over 70,000 people of West Indian descent and many restaurants catering to this group. Off the top of my head Scott's Jamaican, Apron Strings, and Peppers are good.

          Hartford also has a very large Latino population, it's density second only to Miami. As far as Latin food there is a lot of Peruvian, Puerto Rican, and Brazilian. There are more Mexican, Colombian, Salvadoran places popping up as well.

          There are some great Polish places in New Britain and I have spotted a few Vietnamese places on Park Street but I haven't tried any of them yet. The city still has a bit of it's old Italian influence mostly on Franklin ave.

          Some chowzones within the city are Franklin Ave, Park Street, Albany Ave, and Blue Hills.

          If you want specific restaurant info or if there is another type of cuisine you are interested in let me know.

          1. Luce (Italian-American) in Middletown, if that is within your geographical range.