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Jan 20, 2007 05:50 PM

cured fish other than salmon (and any nontraditional cures for salmon)?

I've recently cured fish a few times, using two cures at - one with a lot of salt and sugar that cures very quickly, and one with less, as well as some vodka, that cures over more time.

they were both very good, certainly different, and very much inspired me to cure more fish.

so, my question: what else should i do? does anyone have experience curing other fish? or with any less traditional (these were both dill, parsley, coriander) cures?

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  1. One semi-cure is with miso. Add a bit of lime juice to smooth the texture out a bit. You can marinade overnight and cook; or with a bit of a thicker paste and longer time, I've had nicely cured white fish fillets and the strong-tasting Amazon cachama we catch here.

    1. Well, the ulimate cured fish is cod, for which the recipes to use once cured are almost beyond number. I would think that controlling the cure gives you many options. I do know that I have had salt cod that is far superior to fresh cod in terms of both texture and flavor.

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        And salting your own at home is even better than the commercially produced salt cod and it is very easy to do.