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Jan 20, 2007 05:49 PM

(AUS) Anyone tried Sazon?

The Statesman reviewed Sazon a few weeks ago, but wondered if anyone had first- hand feedback?

Thanks guys!

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  1. Oh, my god. I read the review, was intrigued, went to check it out a few weeks ago. The food, when it finally arrived, was fine. The service, however, was wretched. No rudeness or grouchiness, but just complete disregard for everything. Beers took forever to come, waters never refilled, and food came far too long after ordering. When the waiter came to check on us, he didn't wait long enough to hear the response to "Y'all doing all right?". It was a Friday night, but the restaurant wasn't full. It might be good for lunch, or on a slow night, but bring something to read...

    1. Sazon is good and worthy of a visit.I tried the Taco Carnitas Plate,the carnitas were nicely executed...not the calibre of Rositas or El Zunzal but worthy.The refried beans were plentiful and had a working relationship with hog,the rice was decent,heavily garlic flavored.Table salsa was good but not stellar.Service was abysmal,slow and disorganized.

      1. I was curious too and have it on my list to try. Is it worth going if I've already driven across town and Polvo's is so close at that point?

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          Based on scrumtioschef's track record and description of Sazon, I'd say that has to be a big yes. On the other hand, only you can judge how strong your affinity for Polvo's is. Tastes vary. Personally if I had driven across town and found only Polvo's, I'd probably head to a fast-food joint, or better still to an east-side taqueria.

        2. I had a late Saturday lunch there a couple of weeks ago, and I was fairly impressed. I tried the huitlacoche empanadas, which were a bit bland (perhaps cojito could be added to the filling), though complemented well by the avocado sauce. I cannot remember the name of my entree, but it was pork tips in a red pepper sauce and was outstanding. Anyone who likes good guisado would do well to give it a try.

          A couple sitting across from me had been informed that the leches cake wouldn't be ready for an hour, but they'd apparently had it before and chose to wait, which makes me want to return if only to have a piece.

          I thought the service was great. My server brought out a healty sample of the pork tips for me to test their heat, and his suggestion of freshly made corn tortillas over my original request for flour was spot on. I didn't experience any delays whatsoever.

          Overall, I'm pleased with Sazon and will return.

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