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(AUS) Anyone tried Sazon?

The Statesman reviewed Sazon a few weeks ago, but wondered if anyone had first- hand feedback?

Thanks guys!

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  1. Oh, my god. I read the review, was intrigued, went to check it out a few weeks ago. The food, when it finally arrived, was fine. The service, however, was wretched. No rudeness or grouchiness, but just complete disregard for everything. Beers took forever to come, waters never refilled, and food came far too long after ordering. When the waiter came to check on us, he didn't wait long enough to hear the response to "Y'all doing all right?". It was a Friday night, but the restaurant wasn't full. It might be good for lunch, or on a slow night, but bring something to read...

    1. Sazon is good and worthy of a visit.I tried the Taco Carnitas Plate,the carnitas were nicely executed...not the calibre of Rositas or El Zunzal but worthy.The refried beans were plentiful and had a working relationship with hog,the rice was decent,heavily garlic flavored.Table salsa was good but not stellar.Service was abysmal,slow and disorganized.

      1. I was curious too and have it on my list to try. Is it worth going if I've already driven across town and Polvo's is so close at that point?

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          Based on scrumtioschef's track record and description of Sazon, I'd say that has to be a big yes. On the other hand, only you can judge how strong your affinity for Polvo's is. Tastes vary. Personally if I had driven across town and found only Polvo's, I'd probably head to a fast-food joint, or better still to an east-side taqueria.

        2. I had a late Saturday lunch there a couple of weeks ago, and I was fairly impressed. I tried the huitlacoche empanadas, which were a bit bland (perhaps cojito could be added to the filling), though complemented well by the avocado sauce. I cannot remember the name of my entree, but it was pork tips in a red pepper sauce and was outstanding. Anyone who likes good guisado would do well to give it a try.

          A couple sitting across from me had been informed that the leches cake wouldn't be ready for an hour, but they'd apparently had it before and chose to wait, which makes me want to return if only to have a piece.

          I thought the service was great. My server brought out a healty sample of the pork tips for me to test their heat, and his suggestion of freshly made corn tortillas over my original request for flour was spot on. I didn't experience any delays whatsoever.

          Overall, I'm pleased with Sazon and will return.

          1. Tried Sazon for the first time for lunch today. Verdict: Above average food, above average service. Bonus: free sweet tea with lunch plates.

            Chips & salsa: Chips were okay, not made in-house as far as I could tell, needed a small dose of extra salt. Salsa was oniony, which I like, but not stellar.

            I ordered the carnitas taco plate. It comes with two tacos (your choice of corn or flour tortillas), rice and choice of beans: charro, refried pintos or refried black beans. I haven't seen refried black beans in too many places so I ordered those.

            The tacos were quite good. Tender and flavorful. Greasy, but not too greasy. The corn tortillas were excellent. There was a little pile of pickled chile slices on the side, which I added to the tacos along with some of the table salsa.

            The refried black beans were tasty, packing a lot of black bean flavor. Rice was okay.

            Service: We were greeted promptly. Got chips & salsa and our drinks promptly. Chips & salsa were refilled promptly. Drinks refilled before they were empty. The waitress was friendly and accommodated my friend's special request.

            All in all, I enjoyed my meal and look forward to going back to try other stuff on the menu.

            1. How does it compare to some of the other places in town that serve similar food?

              1. I went Saturday curious but prepared for the worst. Huevos a la mexicana (I think), basically scrambled egg and pico de gallo, side of refried black beans. Don't want to say they were the worst I've ever had but it was something I'd expect from the kitchen at waffle house, not a Mexican restaurant in Austin, no flavor whatsoever. When I need to use salt and pepper on something and I'm not eating at Luby's we definitely have a problem. Bean flavor was also completely AWOL. My brother got the machacado and egg which was quite good, so I think this place can produce good dishes, and the menu looked promising with many interesting options though a bit pricey. They completely blew one of the easiest mexican dishes to pull off though. Doubt I'll be back. Service was good but check took forever to arrive. Decent salsa, ok chips, homemade corn tortillas a bit thick and chewy.

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                  We ate there after completing the Capitol 10K on Sunday. My Filete de Res was quite excellent - I particularly liked the seared flavor of the beef together with the pepper sauce - although overall I prefer the Puerco de Cazcabal. My wife's Enchiladas Suizas tasted great, too. The charro beans were much runnier than mid-week when I also ate there, and were not as tasty. I'll be back, though.

                2. My husband and I have been to Sazon several times after stumbling across it ( it's next to our hairdresser). The mole is the best we've had in Austin, dark ,rich and flavorful. The flour tortillas have improved quite a bit from when they opened. The beans to get are the charro, some of the best I've had, lots of ham and jalapeno (although they seem to vary probably depending on who's cooking). I've also tried the puerco in chile cascabel; very good but not as good as the mole. Can also recommend the churiqueso ( Mexican white cheese, chorizo and strips of poblano). In general, ingredients are fresh and high-quality.
                  Their servers do need more training. Glasses don't get refilled as soon as they should be, service is a little haphazard in general.
                  Cannot recommend the margaritas; they're from a machine and are watery.

                  1. I tried Sazon for lunch today...Odd little place - somewhat baron inside with sparsely located tables, concrete floors and (?) linen napkins! Anyway I ordered the carnitas tacos on homemade corn tortillas with a side of rice and charro beans. The rice was better than most, though was not of the orange/red variety. Rather it was white rice, seasoned nicely to accompany the Mexican food. Charro beans were excellent, in my opinion. Good depth of flavor and bacony goodness. The carnitas tacos were, well, strange. I'm use to Angie's carnitas, so Sazon had an uphill battle to begin with. but the tortillas were not given the requisite hot oil bath prior to serving, leaving the second of two tacos soggy and disintegrating. The pork appeared steamed prior to frying in oil (guessing), and lacked virtually any flavor. The pork came in huge (relative to what I'm used to) chunks and lacked the crispy edges indicative of a good frying.

                    The service was friendly and the menu looked good, but the results were disappointing. I might go back when I'm running out of lunch spots, but I wouldn't hurry over, based on this one-dish experience.

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                      I have to say that I love Sazon. I kind of agree about the carnitas tacos, but try the Conchinita Pibil. Whoa, that's heaven on a plate. The refried black beans are really good too, but I'm with you on the charro beans, beautiful.

                      The ceviche is some of the best I've had, and the creamy avocado sauce they serve with flautas is now something I ask for with everything I order.

                      Last time I was there, I tried the tres leches cake and was amazed. It was the perfect texture for me, and had peaches in the middle. Bliss!

                    2. I have been to Sazon at least 5 times and have had a wonderful experience every time. The fish tacos, a special one day, were outstanding. I really like the tostadas and the rice side dish is outstanding. Their salsa is so deeply flavored and delicious. Going tomorrow for lunch and can't wait to try the tres leches.

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                        Sazon is my go to restaurant every time I visit Austin.Food is great service wonderful and the owner is a friendly affable guy!