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Jan 20, 2007 05:26 PM

Best macaroni and cheese?

I have serious hankering for good old fashioned comfort food. Stanley's has great mac and cheese, but what am I missing out on?

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  1. Go to Chalkboard-(a new place on Lincoln and montrose)- The chef there makes a FANTSTIC mac and cheese-- its sinfuly good. Its the same chef from Rushmore, and they served somthing that was similar-

    I don't think you would be disapointed with it!!


    1. It's quite a drive from Stanley's, but Priscilla's Ultimate Soulfood in Hillside has excellent mac & cheese (among other things).

      1. Fat Willy's has excellent mac n cheese -- very rich sauce, nice crust on top, wonderful flavor. I think it's on the menu as an appetizer, but you can also get a bigger portion.

        1. Sola has excellent Mac & Cheese. It seems to be out of place there, but it is delicious. They offer it as a side dish, though of course it is filling enough for a main course.

          1. It's not traditional 'comfort food' but the truffled mac & cheese at Smith & Wollensky is awfully (sinfully) good. Rich and creamy and just too good to share with anybody.