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Jan 20, 2007 05:15 PM

What is it that pizza with chocolate milk so good together?

Last night I made pizza and then I decided to make a chocolate milkshake to finish up a container of ice cream (and to divert the kids' attention from the pureed brocolli in the sauce). Both parts of the meal were very good, but together, they were exquisite.

Does anyone else like chocolate milk with pizza?

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  1. salt with sweet. your post reminded me of dipping salty french fries into a chocolate shake. haven't had it in ages but boy, i used to love that.

    1. I always crave a chocolate bar after eating pizza. There's something special about that combo.

      1. I have eaten chocolate and pizza together, but only after smoking some really good bud.

        1. It's the secret combination that works in all cases, as xena mentionned - salty and sweet. It's what makes pretzels covered in chocolate so good, why we always order a soft drink with burgers and fries and why salty caramel rules.

          1. For me, it's not pizza with the chocolate milk - it's party sandwiches (tuna, salmon, chopped egg, and cream cheese and lox) from Snowdon Deli in Montreal or Centre St. Deli in Toronto.