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Apples Recipes (non-dessert, non-baked, non-salad, sans pork)

I have a big bag of apples but these days not much of a sweet tooth. I know they go great with pork and/or in salads, but would love some new ideas -- perhaps involving stir-frying / sauteeing / soup-making?

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  1. Apple Chutney, Fried Cinnemon Apples (a family favorite), Turkey Soup with Apple chunks, Oatmeal with Apples (what we're having this morning), or stir-fry them in with some chicken, zucchini, and sesame seeds.

    1. they're great sliced in a grilled cheddar sandwich. also pair very well with walnuts and bleu cheese.

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        Sort of along this same line, Bobby Flay has a recipe for turkey burgers with brie in the middle and you put apples on top... it sounds really different and it is, but it's also extremely good.

      2. You can also saute them with shredded red cabbage, sliced sweet onions and red wine, perhaps a touch of caraway if you like caraway.

        1. One of my favorites is a Daniel Boulud recipe for cauliflower soup that includes apples in the soup and as a garnish. It's quite easy to make. If it appeals to you, it's in "Cooking With Daniel Boulud."

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            That's a great book. I have made a number of the soups. And of course the Sea Bass in (something cheaper than) Barolo.

            If the OP has the Zuni cookbook, try the savory apple charlotte. It's baked in the oven, but I assume you just meant not the standard baked apple.

          2. I put a few slices of green pear or apple (as well as thicker sliced, de-seeded cucumber) in Asian style fish soups. They should be as crunchy as possible.

            1. Cook them with a root vegetable; I first did that with some celery root and liked the bit of sweetness they added.

              I'm also wondering how apples would do if you steamed them lightly and tossed them with olive oil and toasted cumin. Lately everything seems to taste better with toasted cumin...

              1. I'll put apples into blended sqaush soups. Get an orange winter squash, such as butternut or red kuri. Pre-roast the squash and cut it up. Sautee some onions and apple pieces (slices, chunks). Add a touch of miso, if you like. Add squash and water or broth and cook together. Flavor as desired (I like fresh sage, added at the end). Puree the soup before serving.

                I'll also add chopped apples to tuna salad.

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                  Definitely with tuna!! Add red onion, celery, apple, and dill!

                2. Diet for a Small Planet has a wonderful recipe called "Song of India Rice." The basic gist of it is to saute a couple of chopped apples along with some onion, then add curry powder, cashews and raisins, and cooked brown rice. If you've got the rice cooked it goes together very quickly, and it's very good.

                  1. You can cook chicken pieces with onions, apples, and cider -- nice flavor, nice sauciness, great with noodles. Could add some cream at the end if you like it creamy.

                    1. Apples always go into my curries with celery and onion.

                      1. Apple Soup is really a warmed applesauce but if you add bits of pan fried bacon and sauted bits of shallots it becomes a delicious warm and creamy savory soup.

                        1. if you have a juicer--fresh apple juice is simply devine

                            1. Use bread dough or puff pastry to make a tart/flatbread, topped with apple slices, some strong cheese (sharp cheddar, fontina, gongozola, etc.) and rosemary. Bake until golden and toasty.

                              Apples work well in rice pilafs and salads. Cook a blend of brown and wild rice, mix with chopped apples (in lemon juice), toasted walnuts, celery, fresh herbs and the dressing of your choice. Eat warm or cold.

                              For veggie salads, go for apple-beet or apple-fennel.

                              1. When I make chicken liver pate I saute apples and add to the liver and onions when pureeing.

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                                  Oh I'm definately trying that! What an interesting idea; add in for liver pate!

                                2. Apple chutney is wonderful...

                                  1. - quiche with apples, onions, sharp cheddar, and chard or bitter greens.

                                    sometimes i just eat it with PB as a sandwich.

                                    there are so mnay good ideas on this thread.

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                                      I slather the peanut butter directly on the apple. No bread needed.

                                    2. Quickly sauteed slices are also good in sandwiches. For example, roasted turkey thigh, gruyere, apple, thinly sliced onion briefly pickled in wine vinegar and salt, with grainy mustard, grilled or toasted if possible.

                                      1. Got a juicer? Best lemonade in the world is made with freshly extracted apple juice as the liquid and sweetener.

                                        1. Oooh! It's also good grated into oatmeal/muesli. How could I forget...

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                                            Ooh, what a good idea. I'm excited to change up my morning oatmeal routine tomorrow.

                                          2. I add apples to my stuffing. Great as a side dish or stuffed in porkchops.

                                            Also, sauteed red cabbage and apples is delicious.

                                            Just saw a NYC chef make a yummy cheese fondue where one of the sides was apples. Once you dipped the apples in the cheese there were more sides like fresh bacon bits and candied chopped nuts.

                                            1. Love love love all these suggestions! Thanks so much and please keep them coming. Soon I will no longer have too many apples, but not enough to try all these ideas with.

                                              1. i make a great roasted butternut sqaush/green apple soup.....

                                                could go with a chutney..nice with brie or blue/gorg and/or on sandwiches

                                                1. My sister spent some time on a Navajo reservation, and the family she stayed with claimed "the Indian way" to make guacamole is to add finely minced apple (in lieu of and/or in addition to onion). Purists might scoff, but it's really good, especially with crisp, tart apples.

                                                  1. Lots of good suggestions here... I like apples in butternut squash soup. I chop them up for tuna or curry chicken salads.

                                                    It involves more work, but homemade applesauce is good on potato pancakes (or any pancakes) and to use in baked goods in place of fat. Grated apple would sub nicely for a zucchini or carrot cake, too. Ooh! Dutch baby pancakes with sauteed apples!

                                                    Apples and cheddar are a nice pair. I've also done the PB directly on the apple.

                                                    1. YOu can make a stuffing for chicken. Slice apples, and sautee in butter, olive oil and S/P. Add a few slices of stale bread and some cranberries. ADd chicken broth as needed. Some thyme sould be good, too. Or, you can always add some Bells Seasoning. Either bake, or stuff in bird.

                                                      1. another apple rec--apple fritters with powdered sugar-yum

                                                        1. I put chunks of peeled granny smith apples in my chicken pot pie. They add a really great but surprisingly suttle flavor.

                                                          I also love to just make a very simple apple topping for pancakes or waffles on the weekends. Just simmer chunks of apples in a little bit of water until soft and then add some sugar or honey and sort of smash it all together to make a great apple topping. Oh, of course add cinnamon or nutmeg or whatever seasonings you like.

                                                          Ever since I was a kid I've loved apple slices with any sort of cheese (like a good sharp cheddar) as a filling afternoon snack.

                                                          1. i actually sautee apples with spinach or cabbage, and add raisins to make a warm salad. sometimes i add soy sauce to this sautee to make it less salady and more side-dishy.

                                                            i'm replying to you a full year and a half too late. but my guests always comment on how it was surprisingly good. perhaps you could experiment?

                                                            1. There is always Mulligatawny Soup (chicken, curry, apple).
                                                              A local place here used to have a wonderful panini of brie, apple and turkey or roast beef, with other stuff. The brie melted down over the crisp apple, it was just great.