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Raleigh - downtown with Parents and college student

Dinner ideas for a Saturday night. Will be picking up daughter at NC State and taking her out to dinner. She likes Thai, Italian and Sushi - and we like it if it isn't a chain and if it isn't ridiculously expensive.

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  1. Did you do this already, or is this for 1/27?

    1. I'd recommend Vin or Frazier's --- unless you find them too expensive, in which case Porter's might be nice. (None are necessarily the suggested cuisine, mind you.)

      There is that Sushi Blues place at Glenwood South, but I've not been there. 518 West is nice enough, for pasta.

      (This is my first post since the change - and I'm finding it a bit off-putting.)

      1. For sushi, go to Waraji. It's a straight shot down Glenwood.

        1. Actually, if your daughter likes asian cuisine or italian then I absolutely have to recommend The Duck and the Dumpling (asian fare) or Caffe Luna (italian) both on Hargett near Moore Square. Caffe Luna is the best italian downtown and one of the places the whose who of Raleigh regular. And, the Duck and the Dumpling has a great atmosphere and is operated by reknowned chef Ashley Christensen, who also runs the Vin, among others. Let us know what you decide. I would recommend reservations for any of your choices on a Saturday night.

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            Actually, Ashley has nothing to do with Duck and Dumpling other than being a friend of the chef. D&D is one of Greg Hatem's restaurants, and Ashley broke all ties with Hatem a couple of months ago.

            Nevertheless, D&D is quite good, and Caffe Luna is pretty decent, too. Neither are "knock your socks off" sort of places, but both are enjoyable.

          2. I guess I misunderstood about D&D. I still think they are still both very good. No question though, I would hit Caffe Luna before 518.

            1. This would be for this Sat. night - Caffe Luna looks like a good possibility.

              1. All of my experiences at Sushi Blues have been good, but I don't recall Caffe Luna being all that special.

                Best of luck.

                1. I love Cafe Luna, though it gets crowded. I ate there last weekend- had the tuna, rare, and it was WONDERFUL. I'd probably pick it over 518, though 518 is very good too. Sushi Blues is great, too, and not too expensive. Waraji is also a good choice, but not downtown. Not far though...

                  1. my husband wants 42nd st oyster bar - any feedback?

                    1. I was not impressed with 42nd Street Oyster Bar. I could not find any creative grilled or roasted seafood. It was either raw bar or deep fried stuff. It was also pretty expensive. My favorites in the Glenwood South area are Zely and Ritz and Sushi Blues.

                      1. 42nd Street has a nice beer selection, but I haven't found the food to be memorable.

                        1. I'm not a big fan of 42nd Street - there's nothing interesting on the menu and most of the food seems fried, raw (oysters), or simple grilled fish. It's a mystery to me how it gets rated as top seafood in Raleigh.

                          1. thanks for the rec's...we opted for Caffe Luna. It was a busy night for them but despite that, service was good as was food.