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Jan 20, 2007 04:23 PM

Visiting NY for work - staying in Gramercy Park

I've got 4 days...looking for breakfast (Egg on roll?) near 21st btwn 3rd & Lex. Office is in Chelsea.
Looking for dinners (casual), bars, not-to-be-missed local only spots. Good carts. Anything is appreciated

(oh yeah...a nice shop or two is good as well - where would you take your friend for a visit?)

Thanks as always.

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  1. Taralucci e vino (18th off of broadway), Casa Mono (17th and irving), Les Halles (park ave south and 28th) and craftbar (broadway and 19th) are a few spots for supper and good wine without pretension.

    One quick local breakfast is the pretzel croissant and hot chocolate at City Bakery, 18th betwen 5th and 6th.

    Assuming that you're female, good mom and pop shopping in the neighborhood can be had at "at home" on 3rd near 20th. Otherwise you could stroll down Fifth Ave. and go to any of the monster flagship stores (blech).

    I always go to ABC carpet and home on Broadway for retail therapy, only to discover that I can't afford anything. It's still an excellent source of inspiration PLUS they have a Michel Cluizel chocolate boutique inside of the shop, which is his only retail outlet outside of Paris.

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      don't go to Les Halles.

      It's a little bit up the road, but the penny egg sandwich at Penelope (30th and Lexington) is very good. nice place for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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        I got a free box of chocolates at Michel Cluizel after purchasing something at ABC, and I have to say, even though they were free, I was less than impressed by their chocolate. I'm an avowed fan of Kee's (which I realize doesn't help the OP), but I thought the MC chocolates were just so so, though the alcohol ones did pull a punch - they made a point to me that they are the only chocolatier in NY to have a liquor license, due to the high chocolate content.

        And, to be helpful - I love Casa Mono, and you might also want to try the place next door, Bar Jamon.

      2. Burger, onion rings, and beer at Molly's on 3rd Ave btwn 22nd and's alocal irish bar with sawdust on the floors, a fireplace, and one of the best burgers in the city.

        Chino's - 3rd btwn 16th and 17th - is also worth checking out...they do asian small plates

        I also second dkstar's Penelope rec for breakfast, lunch or dinner

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          Amen to Molly's!!!! The shpeherd's pie is excellent! Great bar for cold blustery nights in NYC!

        2. curious as to why you're opposed to les halles? a glass of red and a steak is an ideal meal in this weather!

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            I, like dkstar1, avoid Les Halles like the proverbial plague. My reasons? As the poet Browning so aptly put it, let me count the ways: mediocre food at best, problematic service, seating so tight that a sardine would be uncomfortable, and an intolerably high noise level.

            1. re: RGR

              All true, but Les Halles, if you can wade through the above, does have the best rillette and hanger steak in the NYC. In short, the only redeeming quality about the place is it's butcher - he makes a good country pate, as well.
              Come to think of it, if in that area, I would probably head to the nearby Artisinal for a Frisee salad and fondue instead.

              1. re: RGR

                Agreed...Les Halles is a vile for a Worst of NY list...

              2. re: gingersweetiepie

                there are half a dozen places that do that better in the neighborhood. Park Bistro (directly across the street), Artisanal, Cosette and La Petite Auberge to name only 4.

                1. re: dkstar1

                  Sadly for me because it's my favorite cut, La Petite Auberge does not have hanger steak on the menu. Their steak au poivre (my husband's favorite) is a sirloin. There are also a broiled filet mignon with BĂ©arnaise sauce and sliced filet in a Bordelaise sauce.

              3. My favorite bar in the area is Flatiron Lounge.
                Lots of great food in your vicinity. To get you started:
                Casa Mono
                Via Emilia
                Gramercy Tavern Tavern Room
                Giorgio's of Gramercy
                Red Cat
                Le Zie
                Bright Food Shop
                Chelsea Market--good for food shopping as well as snacks

                1. Sunburst Cafe is great for breakfast or lunch. It's on 3rd and I believe 19th.