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Jan 20, 2007 03:27 PM

Any great Moroccan in Manhatten?

We would love some good Moroccan tonight...any ideas?

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  1. Zerza is good. This question has come up from time to time, so you might want to do a search for past posts.

    1. Several months ago, we had dinner for the first time at Darna, on 2nd Av., b/t 34th & 35th St. The food was very good, and the pleasing atmospherics had a Moroccan feel.

      1. Nomad on 2nd ave b/t 4th and 5th (give or take a block). Went over the summer and had a great meal! Great tagines and coucous.

        1. I agree. Nomad is excellent.

          1. I stumbled on Zerza a few months back, and it's a delight. Excellent service, lovely food, well-prepared, and hookahs for "dessert," if you like.