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Compagno's Market & Deli - Monterey

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Stopped by this little deli on the way out of town .... got a sandwich for the road. This unassuming place is a favorite with the troops from the nearby Presidio. Lots of army memorabilia up on the walls. Generous sandwiches can be had here.

2000 Prescott Ave. Monterey, CA 93940 (831)375-5987
M-F 9- 6:30pm Sat/Sun 9- 5:30


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  1. Yeh, I have eaten dozens of their subs. Nothing fancy, but a real good soft Italian roll, mustard and mayo, lettuce, tomato, peppercini, onions, and good fillings. The roast beef may be the best. Truly a locals place - located nowhere near a tourist area. It's good to see that they are still going strong.


    1. gordon, when I attempt to open the shutterfly photo link, all I get is an "open an account" page. ??

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        jane, sorry I was having problems with Shutterfly ( or my unfamiliarity with it ) .... I normally use Photobucket but it wasn't working for me .... but I just tried it again and I think I'm good now....
        ..... just checked it - yup, we're good now.

        Compagno's is a no frills place .... depending on the thickness of the bread you choose, it would be good to have them scoop out some of the extra bread. The image is of the Hoagie with oil and vinegar. Although it was generously filled - something was missing. The oil & vinegar didn't seem to add much .... wishing I had gone with the sandwich with bacon and avacado in addition to ham/turkey.

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            I don't know if the oil and vinegar is a new option or if I just always chose the mayo/mustard version, but otherwise that looks like the sandwich. I also don't recall any choice of breads, but maybe the place has continued evolving from a true corner market that made sandwiches to a sandwich shop that has a few other food items to go.


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              the sandwich maker asked me if I wanted ciabatta or focaccia and whether I wanted oil and vinegar .... the case had a few salads and a few desserts also. Desserts included some monster cakes and even some cannoli.

        1. I have hurt myself with their meatball sandwiches....haven't been there in a while.

          I may need to bring a friend to help.