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Jan 20, 2007 03:05 PM

Nolita or Soho walk in?

Any ideas for a great unknown place in Nolita or Soho that you can walk into without a res (don't mind a wait)? Some type of a scene is a plus but food is of primary importance.

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  1. I don't know if you would call Cafe Habana an unknown place but it has great food and can be a real scene. Beware, though, the wait can be brutal. Porcupine was also pretty good the last time I went. Some mixed reviews on Raouls but I have always had a good meal there. They are all in Nolita but unforunately I would not call them "unknown".

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      Isn't Porcupine long gone? It seemed to close very quickly.

      1. re: CornflakeGirl

        Wow, I guess you are right. It seems like I just went there a few months ago. I am getting old.

    2. I highly recommend InTent. Food is delicious (I had a lamb burger, a little on the small side but tasty nonetheless). Plus, the place is partly owned by Payard of Payard Patisserie, so the desserts are a highlight!