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Bulk Tea [moved from Boston board]

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This really isn't limited to the Boston area but I was wondering if anyone knew of a good tea vendor for loose tea.

I was underwhelmed by the mall tea places and have been using Upton Tea in Hopkinton that I have been pleased with.

Was just curious if anyone knew of others that I should try.

Thank you,

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  1. tealuxe and teavana both have huge selections. i also buy loose tea inexpensively in chinatown.

    1. MEM tea is the best.
      hands down.
      Chez Panisse uses it.

      1. I believe that you are already dealing with the best tea purveyor in the country. Their selection is light years ahead of Tealuxe. I have never bought from MEM or Teavana.

        1. Upton is my long-time favorite...always reliable & highest quality... but I also like & purchase from...



          www.itoen.com (especially for their high quality green teas


          www.culturedcup.com (they have Mariage Freres teas in bulk)

          1. I'm fond of Fortnum and Mason; sometimes you can find loose or bags in specialty stores, but you can get a wider selection of their loose teas online at http://www.fortnumandmason-usa.com/.

            1. Second the Specialteas recommendation. I think they're in CT so shipping winds up being 1-2 days when you order from Boston area.

              1. Palais des Thes

                similar to Upton's, slightly better web site, a few more obscure items, but Upton's I think is probably cheaper on the mainstream stuff.

                If you want something local, Teavana is a good choice. There's one in most upscale malls. Another interesting option is the loose tea at Cost Plus World Imports.

                Another option for Chinese tea in particular is Ten Ren Tea.
                They have stores in NYC, DC (Rockville), LA, San Fran, Chicago, and you can order off their site.