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Jan 20, 2007 02:37 PM

I'm hosting a Chili Cook Off and want to have other dishes - HELP!!

I'm looking for a couple other dishes since we'll get tired of just Chili. I'm thinking a nice mexican salad - any good recipes? What else? I want to keep it simple since I'm slaving over my winning chili (hopeful). :-)

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  1. I would probably just go with some cornbread and all of the fixin's for chili: sour cream, cheddar cheese, diced avo and tomatoes.

    1. Have a green salad, the aforementioned corn bread, some plain white rice. For dessert, something simple and fruity - like an apple crumble or lime tart.

      1. A good pot of frijoles (pinto beans)are always welcome. cooked long and slow with a smoky ham hock and a good fresh salsa. Crisp cornbread sticks too.

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          Good suggestion! Keep the beans outta the chili and on the side. Frijoles refritos are a good side dish, and not difficult to make.

        2. Jicama salad. The jicama is a nice crisp cold contrast to the chili. Lots of recipes online. You can also just add jicama to a green salad with toasted pumpkin seeds. Could also put mango in there for some sweet contrast.

          Roasted sweet potatoes if you are wanting something more hearty but still easy.

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            Rick Bayless has a jicama, mango and cucumber salad on the foodtv site from an episode of "Cooking Live".

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              Love your ideas. I was thinking a cool cucumber/yogurt type salad, sort of a Middle Eastern/Greek twist.

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                My take on this jicama salad is to use variable mix of fruits and vegetables, based on what is available and attractive. Jicama provides a nice bland crunch. Apples work well. Citrus can be anything from canned mandarin oranges to grapefruit sections. Bell peppers add color and crunch. Cucumber works also, though it adds a lot of moisture. Onion could also work. Greens, other than cilantro, don't seem to fit.

                Seasonings are a mix of salt, acid (e.g. lime juice), and hot (pico de gallo seasoning mix), plus chopped cilantro. I also use some citrus juice - orange, grapefruit, or even the canning juice from the mandarin oranges.

                I like to keep the texture coarse, so it can be eaten by spearing items with a fork, or even with the fingers.

                Good quality warm flour tortillas are the best starch to go along with chili.


            2. I love tangy coleslaw with chili -- nice flavor and texture contrast.