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Jan 20, 2007 02:35 PM

Fun MONDAY night...Is it possible?

So my aunt is in town for one night only--of course, it would be a Monday night! We're going to have dinner, only where?! Last year, we ate at Southern Accents and enjoyed the kisch of their in-house psychic. Are there any cheeky restaurants out there with ambience and good food that are actually open on Mondays? We're not picky eaters and cost is not an issue. She's staying at a hotel on Front Street and I'm relatively downtown. We'll probably cab it so any suggestions are welcomed! I'd really appreciate some chow help on this one.

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  1. With Winterlicious I know that Thuet is opening Mondays due to demand. Others may be doing the same.. Worth looking into depending when she is coming..

    1. How about Kultura. You can enjoy excellent food and wine and make fun of the 'beautiful people' who otherwise frequent the place!

      1. The original comment has been removed