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Linguini/clam sauce

  • efdee Jan 20, 2007 02:31 PM
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Craving linguini with clam sauce but since I haven't had it for years, don't know where to get a delicious bowlful. Manhattan and Brooklyn suggestions please. TIA

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  1. In Queens Don Peppe

    In Manhattan Babbo .........and at the other end of the spectrum I like Carmines clam sauce. Carmines is made with TONS of garlic, chopped clams and tends to be oily (but to me in a good way).

    1. I have actually had excellent linguini with white clam sauce at the Queen in Brooklyn. Very old school.

      1. Tomasso on 86 st .

        1. Umberto's on Mulberry St in Little Italy makes outrageous clam sauce, it's the house speciality and it's open until 4am in case you have late night cravings

          1. I enjoyed the white clam sauce at La Villa on 5th Ave in Park Slope

            1. San Luigi on the Upper West Side (of all places!) - 75th and Amsterdam....whole plump clams, olive oil...garlic garlic garlic.......