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Jan 20, 2007 02:20 PM

Quiet place for lunch near Boca

I am looking for a place to book lunch for my parents and a friend. The friend is in his 90s and wants to drive from his condo on A1A in Boca to meet them somewhere. My criteria, in order of importance, are: quiet atmosphere where they can easily converse, not too far of a drive for this gentleman, fine food and service. Last time they met at Charley's Crab, which fit the bill perfectly, but this time I'd like to send them somewhere different. Maybe a small French restaurant, or somewhere with a country club type atmosphere that doesn't get too busy.


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  1. Mark's in the Park (Mizner Park) would be perfect for this. It's probably very close to the gentleman on A1A. The service and food are nice and it doesn't get too noisy at lunch time. They also have a wonderful Sunday brunch.

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      I considered Mark's on the Park. Parking is a breeze there since the valet is right in the center of the walkway that fronts the restaurant. I was concerned about the noise level though. This is such a concern for elderly people.

    2. You could try the Tin Muffin, which is a couple of blocks further east on Palmetto Park from Charley's Carb. Cute little place with nice food and a relaxed place.

      They are only open for lunch. I would call and check their hours before you go.

      1. You could try JB's on The Beach--it is in DEERFIELD--a tiny drive down A1A--it is ON the Ocean- ask to sit outside-
        the views are killer and it is QUIET outside...

        they also have a lift in case this man cannot do steps..I used it after surgery.

        Their Lobster salad is good and so are their hamburgers and salads...