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Jan 20, 2007 02:15 PM

Does anyone ever go to...

Hungry i? Seems the most recent posts were from well over a year ago. Reviews always seem mixed, yet it's still there more to it than couples celebrating engagements and anniversaries?

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  1. wow, i haven't been there in ages but i used to enjoy it. especially on a cold night near the fireplace. i have not had a bad meal there although brunch was ok not great.

    1. Haven't returned since the night of the World's Most Miserable, Misanthropic Waiter Incident (previously documented here: ). Too bad, I thought the food (quite traditional Country French) and atmosphere were very nice, and always liked the Sunday brunch in their interior courtyard when it was warm and sunny out. But we vowed never to return after that unspeakable night.

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        Oh right, now I remember that post...yikes.