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Jan 20, 2007 01:37 PM

Baroque Luxe Lounge - D C Ranch Scottsdale

Went to Baroque Luxe Lounge last evening.
Was not overly impressed.....
The Bar was beautiful inside... Beautiful people...Beautiful lighting...
Something was off....

The concept is interesting w/ so many different champagnes by the glass...

We started w/ flights of the time we got around to trying the second or third glass they were room temperature...

The specialty Coctails sounded interesting...but tasted a little funky...almost like there were too many ingredients in the drink or the Bartender got a little over zealous in trying to make a 'unique cocktail'!
We tried the 'Ultra Violette'...tasted purple....almost like sour grape koolade w/ a splash of Vodka and foam on top.
The 'Long Red Rose' w/ the rose flavored Vodka and the candied rose petal...also tasted sour.

We didn't try the food....but when we did ask our waitress she said we couldn't have the appetizers in the lounge....we were wanting to try the Stilton brulee w/ candied cherries and hazelnuts along with our cocktails.
Strange that the appetizers were listed on the cocktail menu?

Baroque is a pretty space. A nice place to meet friends for cocktails.
The Banquettes are narrow and not easy to maneuver in an out of...most were empty @ 9pm on a Friday evening....

Has anyone else tried Baroque?
Curious to know what you think?

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  1. We went there last weekend after dinner at Sol y Sambra. Peeked in before dinner (7:45 on a Saturday night) and it was close to empty. Back at 10:30 and it was full. We had port in a booth, and everything was very nice. The waitress was friendly and helpful, and the drink and champagne menu looked intriguing. We didn't eat, but the food we saw go by looked good. I agree it seems odd they wouldn't let you eat in the lounge. The whole place is one big lounge. Seems like a great place for happy hour or to get a cocktail. I'm planning a return at the end of the month for happy hour, and I'll report back then.