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Jan 20, 2007 01:12 PM

Coffee places with free wireless internet access?

Are there any coffee places with free wireless? It seems like this is a common offering outside of New York, but here it is a hot commodity.

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  1. Murray's Bagels is not exactly a coffee shop, but they have good coffee and free internet...not to mention great bagels.

    I'm referring to the 8th ave location, but I imagine the 6th ave one might have internet too.

    1. I think all Starbucks have wireless internet. Housing Works Used Books Cafe, my favorite place, may have it.

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      1. re: KRS

        The Housing Works used book cafe definitely has free wireless!

        1. re: KRS

          Wireless at Starbucks isn't free.

          Uptown, you can go to Saurin Parke on 110th, or Café Fresh on 123rd.

            1. re: gumnaam

              On the corner of Central Park West. It could be hidden by scaffolding if there's still construction up there.

        2. Barnes & Noble cafes offer wireless as do modern libraries (many are now offering coffee house refreshments)

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          1. re: HillJ

            But is it free? At Starbucks you have to have a T-Mobile account and I think that's outrageous!

            1. re: Nikki NYC

              the starbucks on 7th avenue south and grove st in the west village (right next to the christopher st station of the 1 train) has free wireless access - but that's apparently because of someone upstairs who didn't set up a firewall to block others from using it. in other words, people are mooching off of some private user's connection, so no telling if/when this free connection will suddenly disappear. the store itself is certainly not providing the free wireless for its customers. but for what it's worth, i've mooched off of that connection for over a year and never had problems. and lots of other people know about it - seems like everyone in there has a laptop and is surfing the web.

              1. re: Nikki NYC

                I don't have a T-Mobile account and I'm connecting...hmm..

            2. ini ani on stanton between ludlow and essex is a favorite of mine. its small and very cozy.

              1. Gotham Coffee on the Upper East Side. They have good cafe food too, but it's small.