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Jan 20, 2007 12:31 PM

Dinner in Dayton

I'm looking for a legendary, well kept secret, dining experience in Dayton. Price is not an issue. Good and cheap or expensive and worth it, either way works.

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  1. It's not a secret, but it is legendary. The Pine Club on Brown Street in the U.D. area. Great steaks! I love the stewed tomatoes and the Red and Blue Cheese dressing.

    1. A legendary but well-kept secret seems likem somewhat of an oxymoron to me; however, in a place like Dayton where the ground sirloin dinner at the Golden Corral is considered exotic, The Pine Club is about as close as you're going to get.

      1. here's mine: PEPITO'S mexican. the original one in north dayton. an excellent old school mexican experience.

        1. I like Mi Terra on Linden Ave for traditional (not tex-mex) Mexican, and Jeet India on Col Glenn across from Wright-State for Indian food. I like C'est Tout on Far Hills for French Bistro, but the only truly legendary Dayton restaurants are the Pine Club for steaks and Jay's (in the Oregon District) for seafood.


          1. Disregard anything but the Pine Club, it is the only one that truly fits your description of 'legendary'. All the other eating places,with the exception of Golden Corral, are good places to go, but the Pine Club is the only true legend.