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Jan 20, 2007 12:15 PM

health food store on Long Island

Looking fo a "mother earth "type health food store possibly selling wheatgrass juice ,juices,bulk grains etc.,as well as sealed tinned Ginseng root Thanks

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  1. Rising Tide in Glen Cove on Forest Ave.
    One of the pioneers. Should have all you need.

    1. Since you're near Riverhead, check out Green Earth Health Food on Main St, next to East Ender Coffee Pub. I don't frequent health food stores often, but they have an amazing amount of product, and a cute organic cafe in back.

      1. I second Rising Tide. Also, Jandi's in Oceanside has fresh great food and juices too and a good stock of health food products.

        By the way, what's a "mother earth" type of health food store??

        1. I haven't been by there in a while, but there's a natural food store next to Whitney's deli (very good) in Westhampton on the east side of Rte 31 (Old Riverhead Road), a little bit north of Montauk Highway...

          1. Well its my thing but anyway organic veggies grains and stuff in bins ,herbs....stuff like that... a JUICE BAR I just move back from the Catskill mountains and there where a few around Thanks