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Jan 20, 2007 11:23 AM

Zwiebelkuchen - Whole wheat modification?

I was going to take a stab at the recipe below, but was thinking about using 50% Whole wheat flour. If I were to do so,
a- are there any other quantities I should adjust accordingly?
b- how badly do you think it will affect the texture of the dough?


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  1. Have you thought about using White Whole Wheat flour or whole wheat pastry flour?

    This brings back such good memories of making this when we were stationed in Germany 23 years ago. The German wife of a soldier made it for us and gave me the recipe. Really good!

    1. Try whole wheat pastry flour. I've had great luck using half of this and half white in most recipes. (I don't change anything else.) And I love the taste - it gives great flavor to anything I've put it in.

      And thanks for posting the recipe link - I love zwiebelkuchen. It reminds me of happy days in Stuttgart.